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for You Don't Have to Be Alone

10/3 c1 Drumboy100
This story immediately stuck out to me because 1. Nancy is young, detective skills (and life skills) are not developed, she does not have to be defined by which man she is dating and 2. Will logic or ghosts win the day?

Dierdre, my blood pressure rose as soon as I read your name! You can bully Nancy when she's 9 years old, but not for much longer. I think Nancy got trapped by Dierdre's "logic" because Nancy only remembered one sentence of Carson's advice, out of context; I'm sure he also said plenty about not trespassing, not taking foolish risks, not trying to impress people who will never be impressed no matter what she does, making her own decisions...and not sneaking out of the house, too! I like the irony and sweetness of the title: Nancy was the most alone when she was surrounded by peers, yet not alone if she'd stayed in her bed in the family home like she was supposed to. Bess and George were trying to defend Nancy by insisting that Nancy isn't scared, but they unwittingly gave Dierdre more ammunition to pressure Nancy into going into the house. I hope Dierdre's goons wise up and find a different ringleader, too. I wonder if Bess feels some guilt that she was too scared to immediately go after Nancy, afraid that whatever got Nancy will get her, too. Bess will have plenty more opportunities to prove her stripes; it's dangerous business, being friends with Nancy Drew.

I was absolutely delighted when George and Bess immediately ran for Mr. Drew! It had never occurred to me that they would do such a logical thing, no detective/horror characters ever do that! And it also shows a healthy relationship with loving adults, that everyone immediately knew that adult involvement was the obvious best choice, even with tomorrow's scoldings. Carson shows his love for Nancy by comforting her even while displeased, knowing that she needs encouragement even though she made some big mistakes; angry, discouraging words at this juncture might have turned her off to detective work forever. He's also wise, knowing that Nancy will learn life lessons from this experience and doesn't need additional punishment than what she's already been through. Alas, Dierdre's family's similar leniency will not lead to a change in her behavior; Dierdre doesn't learn so easily, and could have used some correction here.

I must admit to being a bit disappointed that logic won the day here...which is hypocritical of me, as I also love the "Ghost Turns Out To Be Criminal" Drew/Hardy plot cliche. Perhaps add an optional epilogue: "Nancy found out at school the next week that the neighbor's musical instrument had broken, so the music couldn't have possibly been coming from there. She heard a low, throaty cackle as she walked past the house on the way home from school, and vowed never to approach that house again."

Love this! A great setup to the Drew universe, plus loads of good feels; I'm in a better mood finishing this story than I was starting it.
11/23/2018 c1 15angelicalkiss
this was a great little story and really enjoyed it!
11/11/2018 c1 Guest
This is so, so good! I enjoyed reading it. Great job with the characterization; you captured everyone perfectly. I especially liked the bond between Nancy and Carson.

Nancy just went from solving the case of the sabotages flower garden to capturing jewel thieves, however accidental it may have been. She may have been scared, but she's also very courageous, and, as you mentioned, curious. If I even had the guts to go into that house, I would have stayed in the same spot for the 10 minutes, instead of following the footprints.

Great job!
11/11/2018 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
So great to see a new story from you! You captured the essence of 9 year old peer pressure very well. I was captivated by the description of the house; you even got me thinking that there might actually be a little ghost in there. :) It was fun to see Nancy investigating as a nine year old and to see how her friends would have reacted in that case. I think one of my favorite people here was Carson— how practical and wise and patient he is; you get a sense tht he really teaches Nancy and treats her as a young woman even at this age. Very enjoyable and well-written one shot! Until those muses hit (or time becomes available) for that longer story, I’m looking forward to more of these stories, with both older and younger Hardy and Drew!

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