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for Harry Potter and The Land of Ice and Fire

7/11 c7 Immaterium
I do hope that one day you will continue with this story, it has a lot of potential
7/9 c5 Immaterium
Interesting choice of names - I like it
7/7 c3 Immaterium
Skagos - interesting choice
7/7 c2 Immaterium
The adventure across the world - interesting and exciting
7/6 c1 Immaterium
Interesting start, I look forward for more
6/12 c7 Wrixel
Thank you, your story is very positive and I smiled most of the time spend reading it.
6/11 c3 Wrixel
I very much enjoyed these two chapters and like your style of only showing impotant and interesting stuff and telling the rest. Thank you for your work.
5/20 c7 2musme
I love it
Thanks !
5/10 c7 Guciec
Nice story. I would like to see it continued one day, one might only hope.
4/18 c7 renton 2895
I am really enjoying the progression and world building going on. this is now in my top 10 HPxGOT fics list. looking forward to future chapters! hopefully
4/17 c7 Jimhh
I have enjoyed reading all of your stories, they all seem to be well thought out and to flow smoothly. I do wonder if you are going to introduce bicycles into your creation, for the wheels you can grow rubber trees to use for the tires. This would create smother and faster travel and make it easier to transport goods around the cities and between towns.
I do hope you keep writing and update all of your stories.
Thank you
4/10 c7 purrfus
A blast to read. Thanks.

And while show is fun - a lot of professionally published books from major publishers use a mixture of show and tell. Yours is an exciting read.
4/5 c7 TheDemonofChaos
when your Muse returns to this I will be happy to read more of this adventure.
4/5 c7 KyuubiChild717
Just found this story and love it! You have a gift.
3/20 c7 Guest
Hi. Loved all ur stories . Any plans on continuing them ?
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