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8/27 c9 hetalia
Please hurry back, we really miss you, your article is so good that I can’t forget it!(з)-
7/29 c9 Guest
Pleeeeease update this!
You write so well!
I really believe this world and the characters are so true and cannon it makes it an absolute joy to read!
Really loving the dynamics between them both. Also interested in the subplots!
Keen to see their relationship develop/get rocky in future chapters. Please don’t give up on this story, I laugh so much at the made up chat from the fans!
I’m such a big fan of the PS4 game, so this story is EVERYTHING
Although I’d like to see some jealous spidey or yuri…maybe black cat can make an appearance again?
Whatever you originally had planned I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Just please don’t give up on this story! Xx
7/14 c9 Guest
People are still reading this awesome fic. Hope your able to update soon.
6/10 c9 163T2 Angel
Alright! I read all of this and it is SO GREAT! I hope you complete it someday! This is just great!
6/8 c9 MortalFlameErlking
First off, THAT was HOT AS HELL! Damn! Great work on that one! Second... dammit. She saw the mask. Thirdly, I need more! Please continue this!
6/8 c8 MortalFlameErlking
Nice. All of it! Great to see Peter and Yuri get to be a real couple. Great job!
6/8 c7 MortalFlameErlking
Your attention to detail is pretty amazing. I remember Terri as the 90s Spider-Man cartoon was one of my favorites. The love for the c-level villains is awesome. I love it! Great work!
6/8 c6 MortalFlameErlking
I loved this. Something about how you're telling this story is real and organic, while still keeping both of them in character. I love to see it.
Moving it more rated M territory makes sense. I can see why you would want, and even feel the need to.
This is still so great! I'm so glad I found this!
6/8 c5 MortalFlameErlking
First, never apologize for referencing "The Greatest Showman". That's one of my favorites and anyone who talks about it and uses it in the positive is okay with me!
Another great chapter. I always appreciate writers who can capture the chaos that is Peter's life as Spider-Man: the good and the bad. You do that. Fantastic work!
6/8 c4 MortalFlameErlking
Great development between Spidey and Yuri here. I really enjoy your story progression. It's fantastic.
That cliffhanger, though! Well done! I'm so hooked!
6/7 c1 T2 Angel
Hi! I found your story through my other page on here and Ao3 and I just had to add this story to both of my accounts! I LOVE your work and I can't wait to read more! You're seriously awesome and this story is greatness!
6/7 c3 MortalFlameErlking
You've got some serious talent! I'm totally loving this!
Also, your tweets? Grade-A hilarious! Love it!
6/7 c2 MortalFlameErlking
I love that you mentioned Titania. She doesn't get enough love. And her banter with Spider-Man was fantastic. I'm loving the B plot and, so far, I don't think it's poorly written at all. You're doing great! I'm having a blast reading this!
6/7 c1 MortalFlameErlking
You've convinced me. I'm in! I'm usually a Spider/MJ shipper but this was a great start!
5/5 c1 Guest
Cant wait for you to come back to this
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