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for The Vulpine Familiar of Zero

3/4 c8 4Monster King
Your doing amazing work please continue
3/4 c8 Samuel Santillan
I loved it, good chapter.
2/26 c1 francesco99
man, i liked the idea of this but some of the rules are boring, like, i can understand the swords and even a japanese one but why would a one piece sword be in znt and naruto crossover?
2/24 c8 Mr E Guest
Loving all your stories and hope for more updates. But I have a challenge story for you
Imagine after the battle of Kaguya , She opens a portal , Naruto with the last of his strength pushes team seven out of the way only to be sucked in , while going throughout void Kurama Sacrifices himself making Naruto the New nine tail fox yokai with all of Kurama’s memories, knowledge of all Justus and sealing arts at the same time his age is reverted to that of a 12 year old and all the while the head of the Center M.O.M. Is experimenting with portal tech resulting in a tear bringing Naruto into her dimension . Naruto x Martin’s Mysteries crossover
2/24 c8 albernjimenez40
2/19 c8 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
2/18 c8 4EricFreak
Thanks for the chapter.
2/17 c8 SlyFox9
Thanks again for the amazing chapter Hussbek. I’m so looking forward to the next update.
2/17 c8 9sd74
Let Siesta make up (or not) to Naruto to be on friendly terms this time. Naruto doesn't have the screen time to repair this mess unless it's background action with clones that transfer memories back to him.
2/17 c8 xbox432
Heheh, ah I loved this chapter. It was so funny getting to see Louise act like this. Plus, Naruto suffering from success.

And I'll be curious to see how the mission to Albion will go with Naruto being here... He at least knows how to sneak around so this is actually right up his alley.
2/17 c6 xbox432
Heh, I guess Naruto just has a thing for "petite" pink haired girls?

Also, yeah, I was always a bit disapointed that the show/manga never followed up on reporting to Henrietta about the tax collector...
2/17 c8 simm36
Muy buen capitulo
2/16 c8 thor94
Cool, an update after 2 months.
really good chapter, and seems naruto mastered some elemental jutsu.
Can't wait next chapter, and hope you will have time to be as fast and update in the next 2 months
2/16 c8 8Jebest4781
Looks well on how this went here.
2/16 c8 1Aliceaileen
great chapter! though i wonder how naruto will solve the matter with siesta now.
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