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for The Vulpine Familiar of Zero

7/8 c5 Guest
Please update soon but there is no rush take your time
7/6 c5 Sageofchaos
hope to see more.
7/5 c2 Guest
papett naruto no more update useless author
5/27 c5 Kalavash
This has honestly got to be in my Top 5 Familiar of Zero stories on this site, I hope you continue it.
4/22 c1 kelmbu288
next you should do a digimon adventure 02 where naruto gets guilmon
4/10 c5 ReviewerPops
Story is pretty good. I like the concept of Naruto being chosen as a familiar at the start of journey for strength as opposed to at the end of it when he can come in steam rolling. Thank you for sharing!

As for Harems? I am not a fan of them. The main problem is too many girls. This causes multiple problems in 90% of the stories I've read with a Harem. The relationships start becoming impersonal in feeling because there's so much to juggle proper attention can't be given to them or the plot gets dropped and the story drags in order to achieve this. Very rarely does someone ever achieve making the girls feel important and not left out in exchange for the plot and vice versa. Often time some of the girls themselves are sacrificed in the long run becoming just another conquest to be forgotten. To me smaller group multi pairings works best while still technically achieving a harem. An example for this story would be limiting him to girls in important positions such as Henrietta or Tiffania rather than both for the royal families of Albion and Tristain. Louise his "master". Kirche a prominent Germanian noble. Tabitha the royal family of Gallia. Then one of the commoners introduced to round out his influence and still achieving Harem status. This makes it more manageable but fulfills the requirements. While also giving you an out for later. By choosing either either Henrietta or Tiffania rather than both, the other stays behind to rule. Tabitha has a cousin who can rule in her place. Louise and Kirche are both prominent but still not mandatory. And obviously a commoner wouldn't be missed allowing him to easily take everyone with him back to his world without causing true problems in Halkegenia. However if you can manage to juggle as many girls as you already have listed without falling into the traditional pitfalls then all the power to you and I hope you succeed.
3/18 c2 Jose19
Sakura is slightly better than Louise the only reason Saito put up with her attitude is that the Rune of Gandalf compels submission and servitude to the master.
3/18 c1 Jose19
I always liked Familiar of Zero personally though Louise is not a favorite of mine due to her Tsundere and extreme abuse to the protagonist.
3/8 c5 2RandomSonOfDorn
Funnily, Naruto is actually can be considered as nobility from maternal side, plus he might be related to the first hokage or the reincarnation of it
2/25 c5 Guest
Please update soon but there is no rush take your time.
2/15 c5 5AstolfoFeline98
Imagine showing them the Sexy Jutstu
10/25/2021 c5 milessmith1111
This story is only getting more interesting. I can't wait for the next part.
10/25/2021 c4 milessmith1111
Things are only getting more interesting. I can't wait to see Naruto getting new abilities from the forbidden scroll.
10/25/2021 c3 milessmith1111
The seeds of Naruto's harem are being planted. I can't wait to read the rest.
10/25/2021 c2 milessmith1111
This story is only getting more interesting. I'm glad Naruto is finally making its presence known to the so-called Nobles of this world.
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