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for The Vulpine Familiar of Zero

12/2/2018 c1 Lifelessman
Good Work...! 1
11/27/2018 c1 TehDIGI
woo i like u as an author and wil patiently wait for you to write this fic as i am waiting for your other fic like sky fox and naruto: the weapon master.. hope u write lemons on this and both those fics :D.. specially sky fox and this when the time comes :3

11/26/2018 c1 Giltlawyer9000
Hey, this is LIT! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Why not have naruto do the Uzumaki Barrage on Gich.
11/25/2018 c1 1Korin Dragoon
I've always thought Naruto was older than the classmates that he graduated with by two years, because it's cannon that he tried and failed to pass the academy final exam three times and I don't see him being aloud to take the final exam early that many times if at all. So Naruto being 14 instead of 12, like the rest of his graduating class, is believable.
11/23/2018 c1 black lightning589
Author when a new the head of?
11/19/2018 c1 LoamyCoffee
Looks promising~
11/15/2018 c1 Guest
How about you work on the Pokémon wildcard instead?
11/17/2018 c1 2pensuka
Awsome also for the 3rd sword how about a fox theme sword named kyuubi fang
11/16/2018 c1 Earthly Entity
This is pretty interesting, I curious how they will react when Naruto goes bereerk with rage, or maybe six tail, pls write more XD
11/15/2018 c1 Vividerdroid
Interesting story
11/15/2018 c1 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Happy that you are doing this crossover. Like how Naruto was portrayed along with Louise. Looking forward to reading more
11/14/2018 c1 narutoxasuna25
interesting story, so naruto is going to have to learn justus from the forbidden scroll, poor naruto he does not like to study, for the harem you could add sylphid, catleya and √Čleonore (especially these two since they almost never use them) besides please I ask you not to add kirche, sinceramento I can not stand his personality, for the third sword of naruto could be shisui (the one piece) that katana has always been my favoria, you could also give dragon slayer properties, which would be useful if In the future, he faces a dragon, and I hope you add your own arcs to give more emotion to this story.
11/14/2018 c1 Shadow Necro
Hmm... How about the Soul Edge? Or Soul Calibur?
11/13/2018 c1 OmegaXero0.1
Can you add Kirche to the harem
11/13/2018 c1 9Ryan L. Spradling
Not my cup of tea.
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