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10/23/2021 c5 Guest
You really made my day when I saw this story got updated again, thank you so much.

I'm very happy with the differences there are already with how Louise and the rest of the women and characters interact with, and feel about Naruto, compared to Saito. It's been a long time since I watched the 'Familiar of Zero' anime, but I still feel like there are notable and great differences, if that makes sense. It was also a relief and a bonus that Naruto avoided Louise's whip, and even better that he broke it (will it stay that way, please?).

Other awesome changes were the Exhibition, and then finding, beating, and capturing Fouquet, a very nice touch there, along with that mystery girl who was watching them.
I saw a Guest review (from Sep 29) asking if she's the 'Dark Magician Girl' from 'Yu-Gi-Oh', now that I think about it, could that be true? It feels accurate to how you described the mystery girl's appearance, though I can wait for the reveal in future chapters. Although, could it mean there might be some 'Yu-Gi-Oh' stuff in the future? That'd definitely make things more interesting and challenging for Naruto and everyone else. I don't know about you, but with Naruto's possible future skills and powers, it might be too easy for him to breeze through the canon threats of the 'Familiar of Zero' world (if you don't agree with me, that's fine, it's just my opinion).

All in all, I'm very excited for what could happen next, and what changes to canon (to both 'Familiar of Zero' and 'Naruto') you might have in store for the future, along with whatever else Naruto (and possibly the others) could learn and train in. Thanks again for your hard work, and I hope you stay safe.
10/17/2021 c5 WhateverPlus
I like this chapter, continue please.
10/11/2021 c5 Mark1
10/8/2021 c1 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
How would he even know to shake his head though? It's not like he knows what she asked him?
10/7/2021 c5 REGIS MARK 5
Estare al pendiente del proximo capitulo y una cosa creo que naruto deveria canviar de atuendo algo que lo aga ber genial XP
10/6/2021 c5 Angelo47
After the latest boruto chapter, I’m happy to see naruto and kurama working together.
10/6/2021 c5 SlyFox9
Yo. Thanks for the update. Excellent work. Bet Louise will be getting a lot of respect after these turn of events.
10/1/2021 c5 raio10
This is an amazing story so far, really interesting to see Naruto in this world and for me he fits in quite well, really enjoying it and cannot wait to see more keep up the amazing work.
9/28/2021 c5 Guest
The girl observing naruto. Its dark magician girl from yugioh isn't it. Well yugioh stuff up in here ok, let's see where this goes.
9/30/2021 c5 warprince2000
Great chapter can’t wait to see what happens next
9/30/2021 c5 4ElektrikRage
It's good to see this updated. My first thought on Naruto's exhibition was that it wasn't all that flashy, until I realized that the nobility of Halkeginia probably never saw such athletic and acrobatic swordplay, all performed by instantly conjured copies. Honestly no clue who the mysterious figure at the end is, but money is definitely on her being from Naruto's world.
9/30/2021 c5 Shadow55
Great chapter please continue
9/30/2021 c5 PLEASE READ
First thank you thank you thank you for continuing with this story as I have stated before this is my third most favorite story of all time also I love how you are staying with the original story line while making small changes like how Naruto won’t let Louise beet on him with the horse whip (he broke it LOL) and I say Naruto is developing feelings for Siesta, again I suggest that she be the first girlfriend and is the one who talks Naruto into having more with Kirche being second then Louise third to sort of strong arm her into excepting a harem remember how she said she was okay with Sato being with other girls then changed her mind
Next chapter should include the date Naruto promised to Kirche I want to see their relationship grow and maybe before or during the episode where Siesta had to be Sato’s master she and Naruto are an official item one last request please consider writing at least one lemon/lime scene for each girl though I would prefer more if you need inspiration I would recommend Ultimate Maken Shinobi by Takeshi1225 his lemon/lime scenes are great
9/29/2021 c5 1ChaosGodLizea
Good to see that this story is still alive. This chapter was extremely enjoyable. I'm excited to see what you do with it going forward.
9/29/2021 c1 KakeruPB
Well, there is something I want to say to this cause of the pairing but I will keep it to myself instead I'll ask you something else. Is it possible that you can make a single pairing story of this series with Naruto and Henriette? I found a one-shot of it and it's really good and I love the concept. Sadly, I can't find a long enough story that goes through with this. Not only is it fresh but still new since it hasn't been explored. Now I'm not a writer myself so I was hoping someone else would be able to adopt this.
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