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for The Vulpine Familiar of Zero

7/11/2020 c4 GamerX568
I really hope this isn't going to have too large a harem, it's already big.
7/11/2020 c4 28Shadowflame013
Good to see you updating this story. I’m liking the progression so far.
7/11/2020 c4 SlyFox9
Hey Hussbek thanks for the update and I’m glad to hear from you again. Interesting that you would use a fighting technique from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, but hey it worked out alright.
7/11/2020 c3 GamerX568
Everything in the scroll is forbidden.
7/11/2020 c4 xirons20
Muy buen capítulo
7/11/2020 c4 kynan99
Thanks for the awesome chapter.
7/11/2020 c4 1AzureDominon
on the line "You know what it is?" asked naruto,you wrote the wrong character as naruto is essentially just talking to himself.
7/11/2020 c4 LoamyCoffee
doing good~
7/11/2020 c4 xbox432
Katie as well huh? I wasn't expecting the little 1st year that Guich was toying with to end up on the list as well. I'll be curious to see what kind of personality you plan to give her, as well as her backstory. About the only thing known about her in canon is that she knows how to bake souffle. And that she's got a mean slap when dealing with two timers, but I'm pretty sure that applies to all girls.

Also, aw, that bit with Kirche was sweet. I like the fact that Naruto got through to her about wanting to get to know each other better.
7/11/2020 c4 5OmegaDelta
Wonder how long it will take Naruto to realize that Louise is like him in a way? Keep up the good work.
7/11/2020 c4 8Jebest4781
this was quite the nice chapter here. keep up the good work
7/11/2020 c4 calderoneric758
You forgot about tabithia familar
7/11/2020 c4 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you
7/11/2020 c4 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
6/1/2020 c3 M
Please please update this soon
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