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for Perfect Imperfection

11/23 c11 DevilishPotato
Welp, Sh*t just hot the fan. No more superheroes for a while!. Poor Mistique got Mind broke too!. lol anyways loved it! Please keep updating
P.S. is everyone in you fics going to have this madness in them?
11/23 c10 DevilishPotato
as a father, OAA didn't judge Leon but told him he would be judge one day and one day he would be killed for his actions! I mean, tbh Leon sounds like a little brat. no offense author anyways I liked how He was brought in fron of OAA (One Above All if you must know) and OAA didn't judge him but simply told him to prepera for the consequences of his actions putting doubrs in Leons mind to wether what he was doing was for the betterment of the mutants or he was simply a pshycopath! Lol. loving this
11/23 c10 DevilishPotato
Bruuuh ! That Raped Danvers turned Slaved Danvers was hot...I gotta say, I don't like Rape tag but fvck! Leon did just mind broke Danvers and now danver is...well, she is a dog!

One Above All, loved how he treated Leon, as a Father. A Father does 't kill
11/22 c8 DevilishPotato
11/22 c7 DevilishPotato
Never liked the idea of my clones fvcking my girl but than this was hot, Rogue went crazy from having 5 d*ck inside her! Lol. anyways... EPIC EPIC EPIC BATTLE, JUST SIMPLY EPIC! Battling the avenger and toy with them as if they were nothing. lol
11/22 c1 DevilishPotato
Damn! I love chap 1, this got potential so much potential, and I like your other works too! Fvck! I'm Hyped now! lol
11/21 c11 Zabuza Momichi23
hoping for another chapter soon!
11/11 c11 Hope
Excellent chapter please continue
11/3 c2 cringe
cringe trash, don't read
10/30 c11 Sypho Dias
Aww... I would have liked it more if he fucked her in her base form. That form is just sexy! Hope you update soon though! Can't wait for the next chapter! And maybe consider writing an au where leo isn't insane. He won't be a hero but not a psycho either. Would like to see something like that. Like a neutral who doesn't care about anything but his own fun. Doesn't care about humanity. Just apathetic about it. Consider? He'll kill anyone who challenges him but won't go seeking people to kill unless it's a girl he wants to dominate. Think about it would you? Because most of this was full of senseless violence. What does a god care about one's beneath him.
10/30 c7 Sypho Dias
No clone sex please. You gotta do it yourself. No fun in delegating to clones.
10/30 c5 Sypho Dias
Why didn't he drink magneto's and mistiques's blood to gain their powers? Those would have been useful. And why does he have brown eyes? Those are like the most mundane color ever! No super has brown anything. It's like against reality.
9/9 c11 Appolyon
Comics Explained has several more in depth video of Jim Jaspers that also has some rather interesting lore. For example, in Too Powerful For Marvel Movies: Mad Jim Jaspers, apparently among the Marvel multi/omniverse there's some an equivalent of the DCU, the JL being the Great Society, with the superman equivalent being called Sun God/Zoran, and were apparently killed off in canon by The Illuminati.

But this is a fanfic, so fuck it
9/8 c10 Appolyon
I don't know how good of a grasp you have on Thanos and what he can do, so I'll leave a suggestion to check superpower wiki(just type his name in " "), and Imaginary Axis(youtuber). Maybe Comics Explained(youtuber), haven't checked. For example, Thanos is apparently immune to/can reverse reality warping on himself
9/7 c11 Appolyon
If the Chaos King going on an omnicidal rampage with an army of undead gods didn't warrant an intervention from The One Above All, then a lesser Jim Japsers shouldn't have
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