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10/30/2021 c33 5theseeker64
No updates since July!? This is bullcrap! We, the loyal readers, will not stand for such negligence! Give... us... our... FIX! We NEED to know how the dead sword brother arc is going to resolve and how the vampire guarding the woman will play out. Oh, and of course Brother Guillame! We deserve answers on his complex and neurotic obsession with crimson skulls sundering armor of ebony darkness while pools of filth fester and crimson sundering!
7/16/2021 c33 1Bob the Turtle
Finally got around to reading this chapter.

I admit. I'm a bit disappointed that the Marine has yet to spill blood since that battle with the Vampire Lord. I really hope that you do eventually show us that because damn do I feel teased right now.

I reckon now that this Black Templar is being thought a lesson on not constantly attacking everything they view as a threat (as they would usually do)?
7/8/2021 c33 UndyingVindication
Glad this was updated. I hope even more is to come!
7/8/2021 c33 Gunboat Diplomat
An excellent chapter as always, I look forward to the next one (as always).
7/8/2021 c33 Oc
Nice to see another chapter also there are better pictures for Serana that you can use BurgerAuFromage
7/8/2021 c33 Guest
3/18/2021 c32 Guest
I just thought of something funnier than the Astartes being a Black Templar: the Astartes being Grimaldus, Reclusiarch of the Black Templars, Hero of Hive Hellsreach, and the Astartes who literally brought a woman back from the dead by yelling at her.
3/10/2021 c32 Oc
Why yes I did posted review CratekeepingBird but someone like BurgerAuFromage erased it which by the way if you don't like reviews then don't post stories also do learn more about Elder Scrolls BurgerAuFromage
3/8/2021 c32 CratekeepingBird
yo Oc, you sure you hit that post review button? :)
3/5/2021 c32 Guest
Judging by the motto, he’s a Black Templar. I can’t wait for him to see an elf.
3/5/2021 c26 Guest
What medieval wooden rowboat would be able to hold the weight of an Astartes in full Power Armor?
3/3/2021 c31 GatekeepingNerd
Oc do you even KNOW English Grammar punctuation world universe AT ALL sheesh talk about ignorance and unknowing
3/3/2021 c32 Brother Bov
you know, ceremite is a form of heat resistant futuristic ceramic, so when exposed to supernatural frost it might in fact be fragile. people tend to forget that the astartes armour has a layer of plassteel under the ceremite too. On the other hand, what kind of horrible experience did you have when playing skyrim that you would make an ice wraith so dangerous and overpowered.
1/23/2021 c31 Oc
ChaoSpaceMarine Bob the Turtle do any of you 2 and others even KNOW Elder Scrolls Skyrim world universe AT ALL sheesh talk about ignorance and unknowing
12/5/2020 c30 Bob the Turtle
So, either she's referring to the Space Marine or the Drop Pod he came in. I wonder if the Chaos Gods are gonna notice these rifts she is talking about. Also, when are we gonna see Space Marines ripping through more vamps?
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