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for Sarah vs The Best Friend

4/22 c14 Jay
Hopefully you can continue this. Would be so nice to see a conclusion. This has been fantastic so far.
2/11 c14 GWALKER12
I promised myself I wouldn’t read ongoing fanfic that was over a certain age. Then I go and read this. It’s great. An excellent plot built on canon, great dialogue, strong characterisation and well written insight to the emotional perspective of the characters. The action is compelling as is the plot. I can see the author was active a year or so ago. I hope that whatever has caused this hiatus can be resolved and this is continued at some point. At least the current final chapter resmbles the end of a season and so I can pretend its not being renewed! Thanks for a great fanfic.
7/16/2023 c14 Ross
I know it's been a long time. But I would really like if you can continue this story. Because things were getting really serious. Sarah has chosen. Chuck has made his move. It's also a possibility to bring Frost back in and strengthen Team Bartowski. Anyway I really liked this and hope you can finish this someday.
10/26/2022 c14 Mpeter
OMG such a great story. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah seems so natural. The last action scene was amazing with Stephen getting away and Chuck punching Bryce. I loved Chuck standing up to Beckman and staying his case and then leaving with Sarah. Please, please, come back and finish this great story. Thank you.
1/19/2022 c14 Charless11
This is a brilliant story. I eas hooked from the first chapter and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of stuff happening here. Chuck and Sarah's relationship here feels so natural and great. I feel the show couldn't build on that beautiful relation in season 2 and then forced cheap angst in season 3. You have done a beautiful job at building trust than creating unnecessary angst. Bryce being the spy he is and his actions only show he won't hesitate to sacrifice anyone for the job - he didn't trust Sarah, he didn't care for Chuck and he betrayed Orion in this chapter.

I know it's been two years, but I really hope you can come back to this and finish this. This is a great story and deserves a fitting conclusion.
12/9/2021 c13 Bob J
Great story! Nice to see Chuck and Sarah standing up to Beckman. Poor Casey being stuck between his boss and partners. Please continue!
4/13/2021 c14 2Timber63
love this story, the sudden changes, and Chuck punching Bryce. I realize its been a couple of years, but would love to see what happens next. Great job.
2/1/2021 c14 AwesomeCasey
I rarely read stories that are not flagged "Complete", but the description of this one caught my attention and I went ahead and read this story. And I completely enjoyed it, though it seems to have been abandoned at a critical juncture of the story. I like that the story is within the parameters of the canon world, while creating a storyline that uses the same characters but changes them enough to generate a whole new sequence of events. Well done, and hopefully it will be continued at some point!
1/26/2021 c14 MM2020
Great story! We want and need more. Hope you can find the time to continue.
1/24/2021 c14 11stars90
That was so satisfying
8/25/2020 c14 Katie Langville
I wish there was more to this story - I've really enjoyed it!
6/30/2020 c5 Melifluentello
That particular Tequila company is owned by the "Beckmann" family. Found that interesting.
1/15/2020 c14 Guest
Please tell me there is more to come, amazing story telling
12/1/2019 c14 Vasouthernman74
Great story line. The last part of the chapter is fantastic. Glad to Chuck taking action. I look forward to reading more. Hopefully we can see if what happens next. Thank you
9/22/2019 c14 Guest
Please tell me there's more to come. Talk about a cliffhanger. I love this story and cant wait for more. Please update soon. Alsi thank you for writing this story
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