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for To know your story 1:Star Wars Prequels

9/27 c20 Lorenzo Ferrari
Update quickly!
8/9 c20 4Romans623andJohn316
Soooo, you haven’t updated in forever, but will you please, please, PLEASE update? I need more
5/21 c14 Plipplop
"Do you think she's ever met Obi-Wan?"
The read you had while writing that years before Kenobi is absolutely insane.
1/22 c20 ElectricDragonSemblanceHunter
I really hope that this gets an update soon!
10/31/2022 c20 Romans623andJohn316
Agh! I love this SOOOOOO much! Please, please, PLEASE update as soon as possible! Pleeeeeaaaaaase!
9/21/2022 c3 Guest
Encantadora? De verdad?
8/8/2022 c20 TsukuyoGintoki
it definitely gets better as it goes on. I think I've read this before. oh well it's with reading twice.
8/8/2022 c14 TsukuyoGintoki
it's become much better. I even got over the "fictional character" thing. lol I'm enjoying this story a lot.
8/8/2022 c1 TsukuyoGintoki
okay, I know you are trying to be creative, but giving the trilogies new stupid names is meaningless. they already have names. original, prequel, and sequel. or you can just use the names of the movies.
8/8/2022 c1 TsukuyoGintoki
if they are able to watch the movies then they are NOT "fictional characters" and at this point they ARE REAL. WTF? I'm assuming you didn't do well in science classes.

Hopefully, the rest of the story will be better. I stopped reading to write this bc it was just so ridiculous lol.

Anyway, I'm going to keep going now. It was just so bizarre to read that. lol
7/3/2022 c1 Guest
This was the stupidest, and weirdest beginning ever.

I mean really? Telling them they aren't real, seriously?
7/3/2022 c20 11thunderofdeath97
So here's a few things. If you take offense, or feel hurt about this, sorry, but i have to say it.

1.) They can't change anything, so why show them this? It's really fucking pointless. Because evidently their future is set in stone. So really just adding onto their pain, oh wait i forgot, you made them fictional characters, rather than just making them from an alternate universe, which would have made far more sense, truth be told.

2.) They aren't even allowed to talk about or discuss what they learn, or their opinions on anything. Why not just have the audience as droids, since that's clearly what you want. Seriously, why write this, if you don't even want the characters to act like actual feeling, or thinking human beings? Seems very pointless.

3.) I really don't understand this fic, at all.
6/22/2022 c1 g4
This is a rather limiting and somewhat idiotic intro. If the characters are fictional, how is Crystal Queen interacting with them, is she also fictional? Why did you even feel the need to say it? This is a fanfiction about a scifi franchise. It is ALL fictional. The only thing that accomplished was to devalue the characters and reactions because it doesn't matter; it is fictional hence won't evoke the same emotions as it would on an immersed audience.
You would have done better by taking the AU route over this.
There is a reason why fourth wall breaks like this are frowned upon in general; When done wrongly, they suck. And this was done wrongly.
Especially the 'scientifically...' quote. Seriously? This is a space opera; scientific accuracy is usually ignored for dramatic effects. SW is touted for purposely and openly doing this.
I can only hope the next chapters are good enough to offset this.
3/8/2022 c1 Yig
Mega cringe
2/15/2022 c20 wearedeadpool
sucks you never came back to continue this story, but maybe one day you will.
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