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for To know your story 1:Star Wars Prequels

19h c20 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Great story, but you seem to have skipped a large portion of the movie, at least from what I remember. Please update soon.
11/18 c15 gabrielgrayson812
This scene is definitely a good improvement for the duel.
11/6 c20 Dragonman110
Like your take on this story and I hope you can update soon thank you.
10/31 c20 6Dylan lobos
I’m wondering when are you going to update this story?
9/25 c20 10FleetingSpectre
Dunno if you're still going to update this but this inspired me to create my own star wars react fic. needless to say I've finished a new hope already
9/16 c20 Lloydflash
Wait wedge isn’t 16

Is he?
9/16 c14 Lloydflash
Hold up stormtroopers have good aim
9/15 c1 Reader
I love the idea of the first story on you poll, but I can't vote since I don't have an account. Please write that one, I would LOVE to read it!
9/9 c20 Destiny
Please update
8/23 c20 2LuciTheFangirl
Please continue
8/14 c20 snowleopardgirl08
These are really good please continue and do the prequels :)!
8/11 c20 Guest
i cant wait for him to find out rey is his granddaughter and she beats him and end the war please update and do all the movies all the way to the rise of skywalker
8/7 c20 3MalirBly
Great story, I love it!
7/30 c20 Timmy
Pls continue
7/25 c20 Mystars559
I can’t wait until Anakin realizes Darth Vader is him. Stay tunedLove the story.
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