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10/16 c1 Guest
I'm only on the third episode and its already better than all stars
9/11 c42 jennrike
I didn’t think it was possible to empathize with Blaineley. Nicely done CBear!
8/12 c39 172gman5846
Wow.. Poor Cameron & Geoff..
And I'm not surprised to see that Sammy & Dawn kissed!
Good job!
8/6 c36 jennrike
I love how chapter 36 advances some relationships that have been sort of in the background. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.
7/15 c35 gman5846
Man! Poor Duncan.. It was either him or Trent to go.. But I knew he was leaving because of his lies.
And as for Alejandro, no surprise there!
7/11 c32 gman5846
Man! Trent might be next to go for that. I think..
7/11 c32 675mary.okeeffe.16
I like this.

This is Total Drama ULTIMATE!
7/7 c27 172gman5846
That was a close one!
Thank god Sugar is out!
6/20 c19 Guest
oh lord this was a fantastic chapter lmao
2/12 c14 Gucci Mane LaFlare
This was pretty good.
7/24/2019 c3 1StoriesSecrets14AN
yup it's me I just figured out how to post stories and change my name
7/17/2019 c3 StoriesSecrets14AN
epic work
7/17/2019 c2 StoriesSecrets14AN
nice job
7/17/2019 c1 StoriesSecrets14AN
nice jobI liked it alot
5/13/2019 c6 LylacSweet93
Poor Heater! She has become one of my favorites! Alejandro though, not so much! I give this chapter an A-! One thing i didn't like was how the Giggling Goats didn't have any moments. Why?
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