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12/16/2020 c1 3Reishin Amara this is added to the list of "guess who got the finale right" options..lets see how lucky you are.
10/8/2020 c1 Guest
Come back when Its story is complete.
1/6/2020 c1 1HollowLament
This is very interesting but I'd rather see it continued. I can already feel the anticipation. Hopefully you try but if not that's cool.
9/3/2019 c1 Guest
update plzzzz!
7/25/2019 c1 Heavyarms150
I think you should continue this as its a cool idea. And your comment on agnostic and not atheist implies some misunderstanding unless im wrong. Atheist is lack of belief and agnostic is lack of knowledge they aren't mutually exclusive things. An atheist doesent believe in a god but most would be willing to with sufficient evidence and if that is your belief you are an atheist.
7/19/2019 c1 sonic
I liked the one-shot!
7/14/2019 c1 10gothboy.wxlf
I’m going to ask the same as the dude before me since there is no public answer. Are you really going to wait till after RWBY is finished to continue this? They did plan more than 12 volumes and one volume takes a year, so that’s alot of years till RWBY is done.
3/27/2019 c1 zute2
I like the concept but are you really going to wait until the show is finished at the moment they have a story for 12 seasons so that's six more years of rwby to wait for.
12/27/2018 c1 lasereye27
definitely feel the same way about the rwby gods i hope it was intentional that they made them act like children but knowing the wrighters probably not
11/21/2018 c1 KHARAKI TAKAN
This was awesome.

I also came to the conclusion that the silver eyed warriors were the descendants of Ozma and Salem. I can see the story going this way but I doubt that it will.

I actually didn't mind these Gods as that is what Gods would more than likely be and act like they wouldn't care about the small picture.

This God, that God, most of the stories are the same just few things changed. After watching that episode I came to the conclusion that Salem is kind of irrelevant at the end it is the relics that are important. I actually won't be surprised if Ruby/Salem and all that end up working together. At the they don't even really need to fight Salem, just have the Gods deal with her make them fix their own mistake.

As far as Gods go from a human standpoint 99% of them will be evil. That is simply looking at things from a logical standpoint as well.

Anyways good work with this.
11/14/2018 c1 Guest 0.2
Originally the two gods created humanity as a contest to see who's right. I didn't really see them as being concerned with humanity beyond that petty investment. Just because they created the people of Remnant doesn't mean they care about them.
11/16/2018 c1 1Solest Radiant
now for a very long wait to get chapter 2
11/15/2018 c1 12ROCuevas
A good start
11/14/2018 c1 8moguera
Here's the issue with your point of view, as espoused within this story. While I don't have some kind of magical insight into the writers' mindset, your frustration (as expressed in your notes and the story itself) is based on the notion that the gods of Remnant are supposed to be taken as infallible beings, i.e. what they do and say is always right. But that just isn't the case. Salem herself demonstrates in that episode that they can be duped, deceived, that they aren't all-seeing or all-knowing.

The implication is that the gods of light and darkness aren't supposed to be taken as being in the right for what they do. If anything, it's made clear that they are essentially entities with a completely alien mindset, who aren't capable of empathy on a human level, with the indication that the world of Remnant is messed up as much through their doing as it is through Salem's.

In other words, the gods come off as assholes...because they are. That's what they're written to be. I could be wrong, of course, and it'll depend on how things go when they make their grand entrance back into the story. But, by and large, how they are is not necessarily a fault in the writing. Just because you don't like a character does not automatically mean that they're badly written, particularly if they are deliberately written to be unlikeable.
11/14/2018 c1 marcialhd
well done and frankly i share your opinion about the gods they are completely responsible for this mess, also about the story itself i didn't like that Ruby accepted their powers mostly because every time a mortal gets godhood in fiction it will ALWAYS turn out bad down the line REGARDLESS of their original intentions plus it ALSO implicitly means that she is renouncing her to her current life and everything it involves (her friends, her family, her dreams, etc...) since again in most fiction gods cannot live alongside mortals (or at least not on the same plane of existence without the use of a medium like an avatar and even then they still not directly with them) and i don't like that mostly because i have always hated that type of ending (there is a reason i NEVER choose the "become a god" ending in ANY game) and i feel it does a disservice to the whole idea of "the world doesn't needs gods" i would have preferred that they simply fixed their mistakes (like a whole "rewind time" or "second chance for everyone" type of deal) and then passed away, but hey that's just me (i also do not want her to become a god because i ship her with Jaune and this would obviously separate them but again that's just me).
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