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5/11 c31 leavemealonetodie
This story was amazing. It was well thought out, well written, and interlocked with the other stories so seamlessly. You have a natural gift for storytelling.
5/11 c29 leavemealonetodie
Serra has herself a dark side. I kinda love it. Very Dean.
5/11 c27 leavemealonetodie
5/10 c26 leavemealonetodie
5/10 c25 leavemealonetodie
5/10 c24 leavemealonetodie
You write action SO well. I wish there were more opportunities for you to write more! The details are great. I can see everything happen and I love it.
5/10 c22 leavemealonetodie
Aaaaaaaahhhhh I’m getting nervous again
5/10 c21 leavemealonetodie
Oh ya ya ya ya!
5/10 c19 leavemealonetodie
You sound like you know what you’re talking about when you talk about cars and I gotta say. That’s fucking cool.
5/9 c18 leavemealonetodie
Uggg Daddy!Dean is so good. He is the best Dad and always has been. I love the relationship he has with Liberty.
5/9 c17 leavemealonetodie
This was the chapter I didn’t know I needed.
5/9 c16 leavemealonetodie
Their reactions! So good!
5/8 c13 leavemealonetodie
Of course Serra would fall asleep. She’s finally at peace. This chapter made me so happy! I’m so tired but I’m gonna keep going!
5/8 c11 leavemealonetodie
This scene is so real. So raw. I adore how you put words together and how you have your characters interact. I caught that mention of Lilo and Stitch, too! My all time favorite Disney movie! Love! It!
5/8 c10 leavemealonetodie
This is so Serra. So perfect.
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