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22h c6 1merendinoemiliano
11/22 c6 27Don Orbit
I'm not even truly surprised that Tower of Gray would kill its own stand user. Given how much that old guy pulled off before part 3 and stands being the manifestation of one's soul, thus being an actual extension of oneself (suck it up Ruby), Tower of Gray might actually be a manifestation of all that bloodlust and desire to kill, maim, torment and destroy. If it got the ability of Notorious Chase to keep going after the user dies, it would literally be heaven for that xenomorph stag beetle.

Quick question, is Ice Queen some song reference, because if so I don't get it.
11/7 c5 ensgavin
I just really hope that Kira can prove to the Jojos and Jobros that he really has changed, without hurting them in the prosses.
9/24 c5 I Sack
is it just me or the 3 short demon girls that call themselves as cerberus is a helltaker reference? anyways it's a good story
9/21 c5 8The Keeper of Worlds
Huh, Joseph got a ways younger and it looks like Weiss has a stand. And freaking Polnareff is back!
9/20 c5 darkparterx.999
May I make a suggestion? Have Kira get a fighting chance against all these stand users. He may be one guy, but he has a powerful stand, along with its bite ZA dusto ability.
9/18 c4 100040896z
Update ? Kira needs to obliterate these fools
7/28 c4 ensgavin
this is amazing!
6/12 c4 The Keeper of Worlds
Well, this is turning into quite the complicated thing now.
1/1 c4 27Don Orbit
9/4/2019 c4 kerrowe
And Koichi out of nowhere with the RKO.

Pretty bold of you Kira to fight in front of another. Though with self defense as an excuse it'll be justified as long as they don't get the otherside of the story and believe a 'complete stranger'.
8/12/2019 c3 46568tank
"god fucking damn it'
said kira, he then killed himself with killer queen
6/11/2019 c3 Casu4lDucK
3/16/2019 c3 1kiwa qween
josephu joestar
1/6/2019 c3 kerrowe
Oh. My gooooooddd... It's becoming a real mess for his identity at this rate. Haha.
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