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2/27/2021 c21 Jake Hallows
Glad you're posting more! Love the story! Keep it up friend!
2/9/2021 c20 Jake Hallows
I really enjoy these backstory chapters. The one thing that bugs me (with canon, not this) is why Jesse never tried to tell Ashe what happened. Anyway, keep up the good work!
1/25/2021 c18 Jake Hallows
I was starting to think you gave up on this with how long it's been lol. Good to see you posting more, and love the new chapter.
5/19/2020 c13 Jake Hallows
I have to say, I love the past moments with Ashe and McCree and almost wish you'd made that a story on its own. Keep up the good work!
5/9/2020 c12 Jake Hallows
Good too see you're back at it. Hopefully you won't disappear for an extended time again lol. I look forward to seeing where this goes
2/8/2019 c8 8kingeddie16ne
I'm just waiting for McCree and Ashe to finally be mature and get together.
1/9/2019 c7 kingeddie16ne
Didn't expect this story to take the highway to hell.
12/22/2018 c5 Guest
This is really good, keep it up
12/21/2018 c5 kingeddie16ne
I am liking that the fact that this will eventually be a McAshe story.

To be honest, I don't ship McMercy at all, no chemistry between them to be frank. However, I can see why you paired them up. And for the sake of it, I am bearing it to the very end of this story, even though Gency is my OTP.
12/16/2018 c4 Aleand
12/14/2018 c4 kingeddie16ne
Is Ashe going to backstab McCree?
12/9/2018 c3 kingeddie16ne
I'm confused, McCree and Mercy used to date in the story?

Since McAshe is going to be the main couple, what about Mercy and her new significant other?
11/17/2018 c1 kingeddie16ne
It's great to see you on a different game

What are the pairings going to be?

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