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for A New Change - Haitus

9/18 c18 9Asuka1920
Can’t wait to read more!
9/16 c15 Siv394
baka-Iemitsu ! someday you will pay the price for your decision !
7/7 c6 IFlaReZeD
YOSH, the will of fire is burning brightly!
7/7 c5 IFlaReZeD
Amazing, I love this story! Well done!
7/7 c3 IFlaReZeD
Karma x Tsuna or Asano x Tsuna?
4/5 c7 Adriaus Nighthunter
Pls make more Interludes each one of them
3/30 c17 Guest
Please update soon
3/29 c16 Guest
Please update soon
3/31 c17 Peanutsaber
I'll be honest. What I am really waiting for is for them to find out about Tsuna. Feel free to take your time.
3/30 c17 25GreenHoneyTea
You are not the worst author ever.

In fact, there are tons and tons of worst authors out there who just ignore and left readers dry and die. (if that makes sense?)

In fact. You are one of the most thoughtful and sweet authors, you have informed us of your status, your thoughts, and you care about readers. I am truly thankful that you stop and give it time to write this message for us. It made me feel like you truly care about your fans. *grin* It shows that you are a good author.

And I understand, sometimes it happens. Lose interest for a while, inspired by another story with an idea, a new fresh idea of a plot is very exciting. I totally get it. It happens to me at any time! But I also knew that I can always go to my old stories when the motivation comes back. I would never abandon my babies. Just like you said, you won't abandon this story, instead, you are taking a break from it and decided to give birth a new story and take care of it.

Annnnd, I get that you might rewrite this story and that is totally up to you. If you believe that it needs a new change (no pun intended) on this story, feel free to do what you believe its best. Because I know that I will love it anyway. :)

I (and we, other readers) will wait for you and support you no matter what!

Plus, that's a very interesting summary. I might check it out later.

Thank you for informing us and please, take good care of yourself and stay safe! *hugs*
3/30 c17 JustSome01
Yeah i know what you mean. Ugh..being stuck in the house every day sucks and kinda boring too.
Take the time all you need author-san. Sometimes you have to take a break and just enjoy what you do. It's not like your story's gonna disappear or anything. And if you force yourself to write then it'll turn out so rushed.
No pressure at all author-san. And when you can now bounce again to write this fic, remember that we are here as your readers.
3/29 c17 Lessia Churlstorn
It's okay, take your time. I'm already quite happy when you say that you wouldn't abandon this fic. Being in home everyday may reduce our idea sometimes, social is indeed important for story ideas. A lot of author are suffering the same thing. And you are already a great author. I'll be waiting patiently for your update.
3/25 c16 JustSome01
Well, this is an interesting story you've got here author-san. Hope to enjoy more of it. :)
3/17 c16 Guest
Please update soon
3/14 c16 DandelionBlue
¿Por que viajan en las vacaciones de primavera? No sería mejor quedarse en casa. Entiendo que todo cuesta dinero y ya podría estar planeado pero... ¿No es mejor cuidar tu salud y la de las personas mayores que viven contigo? Soy de México, de la ciudad, aún no suspenden mis clases, pero prontó lo harán. Lo malo esque no pueden evaluarme fuera del aula por la politica de la escuela :') y en mis primeros examenes de la universidad pues, no me ha ido tan bien.
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