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for I Knew You'd Come Back

11/17/2018 c1 14Cherylann Rivers
What a cool story! This is so different from everything else that you’ve written, yet some things remain constant: the pacing, dialog, description, and the relationship between the brothers is excellent. Love how you switched back and forth to what was happening to each brother. I also thought the whole plot was pretty clever- maybe there wasn’t a robbery at all- very nice! Frank still remains cautious and practical and Joe is the headstrong one we are used to seeing, but you make them work together beautifully, the undercurrent of the story. The Western theme was well done, and the time period didn’t at all detract from who the boys are. In fact, what fun it was to see your descriptions and your characteristic subtle humor- how funny when the “murderer” turned to Joe and said what he did. Somehow, the Hardys made it through the impossible situation yet again, and did so completely in character yet in an original and creative setting. Please keep these stories coming; they’re always a treat to read. Happy Thanksgiving in advance! :)

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