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for A Certain Accelerated Light

12/18/2020 c9 AcceleratorStrongestLv5
10/27/2020 c9 2madtad1
Love this, can’t wait for more!
7/10/2020 c9 akitousen
While looking for something new to read I stumbled upon your work and since I am also checking out the work of Darkbetrayer's A Certain Infinite Possibility it really caught my attention, and to be honest I really liked it
I hope that at some point you will resume this project
3/24/2020 c9 Guest
Rip Saiai
2/23/2020 c9 Guest
Super goooood
2/11/2020 c9 Guest
Nice, keep up the good work
11/28/2019 c9 5Daiten
I know this is probably not going to do much but still... I like the approach you are going with this. The thing about Kamachi is that he doesn't like to focus on the little things and you exploring them in a wholesome way really makes my day. Please, if you ever see this, please continue with it.
5/23/2019 c5 standingatease
I’ve been reading ACIP again and your story feels like you’ve captured the “feel” of his story. The fight felt like one of Darkbetrayer’s minus the 3rd person techno-magic-babble in the fight writing. How you have Accelerator interacting with the other members of New Light cemented it for me. I enjoy your spin-off and how you revisit your slice of DB’s universe. I’m not done with it but I like the way you pick up the thread of their relationship in the context of drama between he and Touma & his friends and Accelerator’s desire to be like “the damn hero.”

Your writing actually has me about to go back & re-read the trip to London for Touma & company. I appreciate the fact that someone in the gang not named Jason the OC got laid. I wish it would happen in ACIP but given it’s taken Touma 122 chapters to agree & accept that he has a harem, sex might be wishful thinking unless Mugino does something. I am presuming you won’t do that with Touma and his companions as it would or could potentially violate ACIP canon. Funny how I’d like him to get with someone yet I like the canon laid out there and what you mine here. Perhaps there may be a way for you to continue to delve into another corner of the ACIP universe with Accelerator & Bayloupe once they return to Academy City.

I went all over the map but I wanted to say I really like where this is going and thanks for exploring this world and taking us along for the ride.
4/10/2019 c9 Mr.N0Name
Geez I just caught up and now I want more I fucking loved accelerator in the last chapter busting down doors and shit really showing how far he was willing to go. And i loved how he was like well I could destroy the country but that wouldn't solve the issue that was priceless I can't wait to see how they go about trying to prove Bayloupe's innocence seeing as they have no clue where to start searching I can imagine it would be difficult to start writing such a part so i'm pretty excited to see how you go about it and if the other members of new light find out about the situation.
3/31/2019 c9 3The Deserter Angel
Shit is about to get real.
I can't wait to see it!
3/28/2019 c1 Crackship guy
I thought you were a beast Smh. I need my Accel or bayloupe REEEEEEE.

Lmso just saw guest telling me to stop insulting that tra- I mean ayu.
2/10/2019 c4 JustAFool
lmao how raunchy. Highly enjoyable though.
2/6/2019 c9 Mr. X
To The crack shipping guy: don't you ever shut up about Carissa and Ayu? It's disgusting.
2/6/2019 c9 Crackshipguy
Alright I read the previous chapter and the current one. Good shit.
I felt sorry for bayloupe tbh. And she was right. Fuck that carissa bitch. I hate how girls fuck up then they get to leave Scot free. One of the reasons othinus became trash to me after nt10. Or mitsuari ayu. Screw that bitch to.
Anyway, happy to see the villains are guys. This way I know for sure they won't get redeemed or some shit like that. I hope they are cool tho. Deacon gave me shivers.
I don't want some shitty piece of shit male villain. Also LMAO wtf did bayloupe and co do to that guy.
Hmm. Lola is also missing. She must have gotten gg'ed in ACIP.

P.S. where is Jason? I thought he was going to appear.
2/6/2019 c9 13ultron emperor
Ahahahahaha, I love Saiai so much ! She is SUPER cute. Go, tiger, be part of the Accel's harem !
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