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5/11/2019 c3 huntergatherer
Oh I love a good fairy story!
12/18/2018 c3 Guest
Intriguing! I'm excited for this story :) I love faeries and can't to read more!
12/18/2018 c3 Paula Anna
Bella has managed to already do two things that she shouldn’t have. What now?
12/17/2018 c3 cbmorefie
Interesting! Thanks!
12/17/2018 c3 grandmachix
She has now met Edward, her partner in Bio. And she met Alice in the hallway. Angela is kind of a friend. Mike is a pain. What will tomorrow bring?
12/2/2018 c2 grandmachix
Angela seems nice. As usual, teen boys can be annoying. So was the first chapter the dream?
12/2/2018 c1 grandmachix
From the summary and this chapter, I deduce that Alice is a Faerie. And when Bella gave her name she also gave Alice some kind of power over her.
11/19/2018 c1 sujari6
Great start.

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