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6/8 c33 ipinnu17
please sequel
6/7 c33 supriya700000
5/17 c33 Guest
The beginning is a bit rough to get into the story, because it seemed like the character would be op way too fast. But in the end it was a great story.

The tier system made things a bit overwhelming and seemed unnecessary at the time and it takes a while to understand why it's there.
5/6 c26 pablo.monroypm14
Why is your not being very active in a time when they should be trying to take care of enemies as fast as possible.
5/6 c22 pablo.monroypm14
What about also using an Uchiha and Mito's DNA as well and not only using the magnet guy.
5/5 c17 pablo.monroypm14
Does he seriously not remember one of the Naruto verse biggest problems.
5/5 c14 pablo.monroypm14
Really orochimaru you are just stupid.
5/4 c10 pablo.monroypm14
Why didn't he ask about the natural energy.
5/4 c8 pablo.monroypm14
Pair mito and your together.
5/2 c33 HollowSeven
Man. So sad that this story ended.
4/28 c11 Diametrik
This system is insanely overbloated. The hidden attributes were already too much, and then you introduced that tier system... nah. I feel like I'm playing World of Warcraft, where they layer a half dozen power systems on top of each other because they can't balance it properly. Never mind being over-complicated, it's worse for two more reasons. Firstly, you're introducing a gamer power system to the rest of the world, who aren't gamers. HP was bad enough. Secondly, it's a system that inherently makes fights more boring. Why give the stronger person an advantage? They were already likely to win; now you've just taken away all the tension.

I liked the characters and story, but this is ruining it for me.
4/28 c8 Diametrik
From a previous chapter:
"The Mystical Palm Technique is a medical ninjutsu which allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process"

If he's trying to replace lost limbs, he's gonna need to use a different technique, because "the body's natural healing process" doesn't do that, no matter how sped up it is.
4/28 c7 Diametrik
"I briefly contemplated using my stat points, but if a time came when someone even stronger than me came along and I had no stat points to boost myself, then what would I do?"

He's literally in a situation where someone stronger than him has come along. What's the point of hoarding stat points? It's the same as wearing restriction seals in order to trick an enemy with a sudden power boost, which he already agreed with Kotoe was a bad idea and to not do it.
4/28 c5 Diametrik
"I unfortunately never had you experience taking something's life"

What about that komodo dragon?
4/28 c4 Diametrik
Giving people or things that are not the gamer hit points always has been and always will be stupid and nonsensical. The gamer has hit points because Gamer's Body makes it so his body acts like a video game character, but hit points are not a realistic way to measure how close to death an actual person or thing is. If you stab something in the eye and it goes into its brain, then that thing will die, never mind how many hit points you decided to give it. If someone is on the verge of death via suffocation, then cutting off his finger will not finish them off. It just doesn't work as a system in a realistic setting.
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