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3/19 c1 Flawer1762946
I want to thank the author for this read. It made my day having finished it and though it’s disappointing to see that Part 2 of the series isn’t happening.
3/19 c31 Flawer1762946
Pein instead of PainError that made me laugh]
3/19 c4 Flawer1762946
Yeah yeah him that skill [Typo I found Funny]
3/18 c4 Flawer1762946
Didnt know the mc thought of himself as a her in third person 0-0
3/5 c25 1Nastadoa
gotta love pride wink wink
3/1 c3 Dretnuh
I’m so confused. Why does a subordinate of Danzo have emotions and seem like she actually cares….? Because from what we’ve seen in canon, root ninja aren’t good at even faking having emotions. And that was one who didn’t even finish the emotion killing training! (Sai)
1/29 c29 ATS-Wonder
dude, if yoru says "don't tell anyone about obito" one more time... im going to smack him in the face jk
1/28 c25 ATS-Wonder
you've done it obito... if I were them I wouldn't forgive him, manipulated or not... fuck him
1/28 c27 ATS-Wonder
did obito's voice change that much that he didn't recognize the voice? don't say he didn't hear him say "you made me waste an eye" or something because he has perks... just tell them about obitoooo pleasseeee, the miscommunication is micommunicatingfgfggfgfgfgffg
1/28 c26 ATS-Wonder
sad tsuchikage, hope yoru got a dna or something for the dust release
1/26 c10 ATS-Wonder
ch. 10, worst chapter of this story bruh too much pedophilia...
1/25 c3 ATS-Wonder
his INT and WIS should have been 24.1 and 23, right?
1/25 c3 ATS-Wonder
huh? didn't his INT and WIS increase by 10?
1/3 c26 mac1010
1/3 c26 mac1010
sooooo inconsistent
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