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5/2/2021 c3 3A Trash Mob
Im perfectly happy with everything. I pretty sure those reviews were cause the kid is really OP and they also suspect its really a self insert instead of just an OC.
5/2/2021 c2 A Trash Mob
I thought this chapter was cool. I completely forgot about the other him and that whole deal rofl, actually i forgot a bunch of things, which is why i can reread this lol. Obito was entertaining, i like this chapter and all the characters so far.
5/2/2021 c1 A Trash Mob
I'll be honest this is my third time reading this. Im really bad when it comes to reviews.

Im happy to read this again, i like the system for this fic.
5/1/2021 c15 Jus here to chill
Am i the only one who thinks his ability to cast jutsu without seals kinds of breaks the game? Like the only person to be able to do that was hashirama, and he could only do it with medical ninjutsu. When it comes to elemental ninjutsu, it seems that those with mastery are able to shrink the amount of handseals down to just one or two,( Tobirama casts water dragon and water wall with one seal, madara uses one seal to cast magestic destroyer, The Tsuchikages all use 1 seal to cast particle style, and even hashirama has to at least clap his hands together to use woodstyle). It would make sense if he could do his instant jutsu for just lightning or water style, but for all of them? That instantly causes the power scaling system to break down, because now if yoru isn’t fighting people with a way higher level than him, he will always wreck his opponents. There are only so many Kage level fighters around, and if he’s just taking them all on with minimal difficulty It makes everything feel cheap, and if he LOSES to someone who is around his “level” then it will feel even more cheap because now it feels like he’s just losing for the sake of plot. Its a catch 22, and turns writing (and power scaling) into a nightmare to keep track of, for you and for all your readers. And this is like only chapter 15... I hope you figure out a way around all that cause I’ve got no clue.
4/29/2021 c29 GodudamaMaker
wtf isnt he like 12
4/27/2021 c6 TheBlackhaze
Bad pacing, poorly structured and sequenced events, absolutely cringeworthy dialogue.

In short, just bad writing.
4/26/2021 c33 1Metacarius
Great story! Thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel you on the medical school. It was amazing and intense and when I got out... I still love all this stuff, but the priorities just changed. I had stories that I thought about, wanted to put out, and just wanted them to come to life. Some are even half written. Maybe I will some day. But until then, I’ll keep reading awesome works like yours. Well done, sir!
4/21/2021 c1 Dovakin696969
If you do rewrite this story please don't make Mei the love interest. Honestly that bit came out of nowhere and made no sense. He has a one night stand, and then literally leaves the next day. "Oh Mei, btw I know this was a one night stand, but you're my gf now, heres a crystal rose. Also im going to be leaving for like 3 years so make sure not to cheat on me despite not even knowing me beyond a night and having no reason to wait years and not have any kind of relationship with anyone else."
Honestly Rin was a better love interest than Mei.
4/21/2021 c33 3Clyden
I would really like to say that despite flaws in your work, which I can say is quite negligible because of an amazing work. I couldn't deny that there are things you could've done better, however somehow things end up the way they are, and we just need to learn from that. I really like how the mere presence and existence of yoru changed a lot. From Danzo, Hiruzen, the Elders, Orochimaru, Minato, Kushina, Kakashi, Rin, Tsunade, Jiraya, Naruto, and especially Mito. Its really been a fun and fantastic read, I was laughing at Konoha gaining four tailed Beasts, Oh well, life is a bitch. Can't do anything bout it. So I'm just expressing my awe with your work and hope you to write more. See ya soon. Fav the book and author hehe.
4/21/2021 c33 Clyden
This was an amazing fic. Thank you.
4/20/2021 c33 PersonHumanThing
Even if I’m sad it won’t continue
4/20/2021 c33 PersonHumanThing
Thanks for the story, it was fun
4/17/2021 c33 Swaggking
4/17/2021 c3 3Vladof
Okay, why the people hate this? Is like art JAJAJAJA I really do like the story, hope i can read it completely
4/14/2021 c1 Katt31257
All you sick fucks just can't resist writing someone experiencing being born while fully aware of what's happening, now can you?
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