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for Yoru - Gamer Between Dimensions

10/11/2023 c6 Guest
I tried my best to read through this fic because I really love the gamer stuff but I just can't anymore. Going through 6 chapters was all I could do.
10/2/2023 c33 Riger82
Chapter 32. I'll post here to tell you when the sequel starts.
Chapter 33. Not going to bother with a sequel.
9/8/2023 c12 4Pvtcheeks
What?! Bro just shrugged a toad slidd’in down his throat and only got a little peeved
9/7/2023 c5 Pvtcheeks
Your authors note at the bottom of chapter five…was beautiful and I couldnt possibly agree more my mans.
8/10/2023 c21 Guest
To be honest, the main character is incredibly boring. There’s just no character to his character.
8/2/2023 c28 GloGang214
big tits samui is smitten
8/2/2023 c23 GloGang214
lol did he learn conquerors haki?
8/2/2023 c12 GloGang214
it would be badass with a purple lighting cloak
8/2/2023 c11 GloGang214
he should make madara purple lighting
8/2/2023 c10 GloGang214
I wonder what his iq would be if he has int at 120
8/2/2023 c8 GloGang214
mito uzumaki-namikaze is a mouthful. just go by uzumaki or just namikaze.
7/17/2023 c30 O-O
7/17/2023 c22 O-O
7/16/2023 c15 O-O
LMAO Yoru rocking up like "I lived, bitch. GUESS WHO JUST TOOK DOWN THE FOUR TAILS!"
6/18/2023 c1 r6.fizzz
Amazing story can’t wait for what’s next if the author decides to wake up from his writing hibernation
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