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for Yoru - Gamer Between Dimensions

10/13/2022 c33 Yuki Miyashi
oh good, for a second I thought I will have to get my trusty pitchfork and torches
10/12/2022 c31 1MayaviPanchi
The best gamer/overall fic I have read so far.

Yoru was a great character to read.

The plot was excillent.

The powers were believable and intriguing.

I especially liked the fighting scenes, and seeing Yoru outthink his opponents using simple tools like Ninja wire and genjutsu was a treat to read. For me that's what being a shinobi is.

I liked the interacrtions bw Yoru and all other characters like Katoe, Itachi, Kakashi, Obito, Rin, Minato and Kushina.

The decision to not have the character remember the Naruto world was an excillent twist.

Looking forward to the sequel, however far it may be in the future.
10/7/2022 c20 zykwuanmartin
not my cabbages!
9/19/2022 c27 dukkeh216
Wow I have never seen anyone openly admitting that trying to stick to real life physics when powerscaling fictional characters is stupid. You have my respect for that.
9/18/2022 c13 dukkeh216
Wow just 100% of that weirdly shortened Energy stat? Rasengan in your story either completely sucks or you missed a single 0 from 1000%...
9/16/2022 c33 Drrakkos
Sooo the time it's right now 16/09/22 and my question is: You are goin to update the Sequel of this amazing story?
8/19/2022 c33 KingOfEmptyness
a shame
8/18/2022 c20 KingOfEmptyness
no harem please
8/18/2022 c2 KingOfEmptyness
why is every naruto fanfiction has a character with split personality, i hate this
8/17/2022 c20 MyLifeIsUtterShit
the fricking cabbages qaq
8/10/2022 c20 7Primo The Omnipresent Operator
Avatar The Last Airbender Meme
8/6/2022 c12 Primo The Omnipresent Operator
Nope just fanon
8/3/2022 c6 Primo The Omnipresent Operator
I Agreed On The End Note.
8/2/2022 c3 Primo The Omnipresent Operator
First Of All, Chakra Paper Doesn’t Show Multiple Affinities, It Shows Only One! If You Have Like Say Two, You’ll Have To Use Two Papers.
8/2/2022 c3 Primo The Omnipresent Operator
In The First Chapter You Said People Didn’t Know What Hide And Seek Was, What Now They Know?
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