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7/20/2022 c33 robvalur
how far can you stretch you're foreskin?
7/7/2022 c5 Ferdiad
I agree with you about telling people and the party stuff. It makes no sense.
7/7/2022 c4 Ferdiad
Your dialogue is so bad it hurts to read. Hope it improves
7/7/2022 c3 Ferdiad
The mask is uber mega ultra fucking cringe though.
6/27/2022 c4 IchigoASO
I'm in this chapter the mc takes a life so why does the next chapter say he never has. Granted it wasn't human, but still had taken a life. Also the way it's worded makes it sound like the best thing to kill to get rid of the hesitation is human, (which I agree with to a degree) but any kill will do(which I also agree with if the was an emotional connection of any kind but otherwise disagree). I'm just pointing out that this all being ignored in the next chapter by the characters turtle and the MC's after regaing the name dove. Which I feel needs to be addressed at some point to make it a better story.
6/27/2022 c5 IchigoASO
I'm not sure if u are aware but the average 6 yr boy is 115.2cm or about 3ft 10.25in., and average for a 10 yr old is 138.6cm. or about 4ft. 5.5in. Meaning this character is about the height of the average 10yr old at the age of 6 lol! What is he half Titan.
6/8/2022 c33 ipinnu17
please sequel
6/7/2022 c33 supriya700000
5/17/2022 c33 Guest
The beginning is a bit rough to get into the story, because it seemed like the character would be op way too fast. But in the end it was a great story.

The tier system made things a bit overwhelming and seemed unnecessary at the time and it takes a while to understand why it's there.
5/6/2022 c26 pablo.monroypm14
Why is your not being very active in a time when they should be trying to take care of enemies as fast as possible.
5/6/2022 c22 pablo.monroypm14
What about also using an Uchiha and Mito's DNA as well and not only using the magnet guy.
5/5/2022 c17 pablo.monroypm14
Does he seriously not remember one of the Naruto verse biggest problems.
5/5/2022 c14 pablo.monroypm14
Really orochimaru you are just stupid.
5/4/2022 c10 pablo.monroypm14
Why didn't he ask about the natural energy.
5/4/2022 c8 pablo.monroypm14
Pair mito and your together.
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