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for How Could You Do That?

12/22/2018 c1 3ShadmeTheAngel
Aw man, that was so good! Medusa is SO underrated, and I've only realized recently how much I appreciate her as a character, so seeing a fic on her is super cool to me! Even though you haven't played the game, I think all the characters are written quite well. The best part about it is that I could see this being canon! I also liked the exploration on how Pit and Palutena have rubbed off on each other. Palutena may have been the one to curse Medusa all those years ago, but if given the opportunity now, would she still do it, or try to find another way around? Very interesting, and I'd love to see more Kid Icarus stuff from you! :D
11/20/2018 c1 8Katteilpawz
Very good! All IC! Every characters sounded like themselves!
Also love how Pit calls Dark Pit 'Dark Me'
11/20/2018 c1 Omni Spectator
This was really entertaining, and you did a good job exploring the characters and mixing it with the lore. But I have a bit of a request, if you feel like writing more Kid Icarus stories.
Could you make a “what if” story for the Chaos Kin section of Uprising? Where instead of Viridi, it’s MEDUSA that helps Pit save Palutena.

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