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1/2 c13 2AkaDeca
I’ll look into the KoFi. Please update when you can, this is really good and I can’t wait for me. I would really like to see Arthur against the Demon Lord if you want to get creative!
1/2 c12 AkaDeca
Really nice story! Please add new chapters soon!
1/2 c11 AkaDeca
Really cool idea with the Ash Wolves. I feel bad for the rookie
1/2 c10 AkaDeca
1/2 c9 AkaDeca
Nice stuff!
1/2 c8 AkaDeca
Good chapter
1/2 c7 AkaDeca
Very sweet! Please update soon! I want more chapters!
1/2 c6 AkaDeca
I feel bad for warrior. His pride screwed them over
1/2 c5 AkaDeca
Glad we are finally here. But they are dead? That actually hurts bad
1/2 c4 AkaDeca
1/2 c3 AkaDeca
Fun chapter!
1/2 c2 AkaDeca
Really nice! Can’t wait for the other members of the party!
12/29/2020 c1 AkaDeca
So cool!
12/28/2020 c2 Mackerel4927
This fanfiction is absolutely amazing, loving how you've been writing the dialogue for the characters. I've played through rdr2 I don't how many times and I can assure you this is how Arthur acts. Amazing job and I hope the author is doing good during this dreadful pandemic.
12/21/2020 c13 Zero
Ill be waiting !
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