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9/20 c4 Spenzer109
8/19 c13 3Revan-217
Regardless if it's still GS like in cannon or if Arthur takes his place, I look forward to Arthur's reaction to finding out that resurrection is a thing here (even if it's a slightly bigger deal then in D&D). It might even get him to tell the party a (edited) version of his backstory: He was part of a bandit gang that conviviced themselves they were the good guys, and he died helping his brother escape the gang and pursuing bounty hunters, only for a stranger to resurect Arthur and drop him in a goblin cave..
8/12 c13 Able and Table
Just found this story,I like it.
8/9 c13 Kamizuma24
seriously is been a year now and yet no update
7/26 c13 2the mysterious Mr.E
can't wait to see what you planned for the sword saint
7/20 c13 fatmar4200
I know it's been over a year since you last updated. I just found your story around a month ago and got to this chapter. before then I've never seen goblin slayer I've only aged rdr2. I just finished binging it around a week ago and it was great. you wrote arthur into the story very well. I hope you can find the motivation to continue this story because I think many of us are thinking about what would happen next.
7/19 c13 36The Swordslinger
After reading this, I want to have a western movie marathon with my friends. Thanks for the enjoyable time, and I will be patient for the next chapter.

Certainly loving Arthur's personality bouncing off everyone else, especially with Goblin Slayer and best girl, HEA (keep your iron hot if you think you can change my mind, partner). Most importantly are the quieter moments with the crew in between the action, and how fast-paced but focused the big fights are. It is something I struggle with, but I can see you put some thought into it. Best to have character interaction with people we can cheer on rather than mindless action.

Other than that, Mastiff is a good boy, loving the detail with Fighter and thus possible hint of Wizard for later, and how best boy Lenny (a duel at dawn and a grave ready if you wish to change my mind) gets a chance like Arthur.

Perhaps that's the key factor here, how Arthur's second chance is him aimlessly stumbling forward but fitting in as he does. Life is more about the journey than the destination, after all, and here you nail that as well as - dare I say it - Cowboy Bebop (OG anime, I mean). We know there will be an ending, but we want to see the ragtag group of misfits be themselves with each other.
7/17 c13 13ahsoei
Brilliant. Love the small twist and changes you put here and there.

So you decide to follow the anime route? Water City first before Goblin Lord invasion? Also, pretty sure the Sword Maiden wears a blind-fold.

Also, also - while I understand that the series never use names, it is still kind of weird the way u use that custom too much. I mean, for example, when u had Goblin Slayer introducing his childhood friend as 'Cow Giril', I could not help but find it... Demeaning? Teasing?
7/10 c8 3LongNightDragon
Dang, a Dire Mastiff. Such a thing would be one hell of a big dog, basically a Bear in size.
7/10 c7 LongNightDragon
Killing the mercs would've been easy, but it takes guts to talk it out and walk away from a bad situation.
7/10 c5 LongNightDragon
Lol, pretty funny song they had there and god damn it Witch, don't be such a snitch.
7/10 c1 LongNightDragon
I like this fanfic, it's pretty interesting.
7/6 c4 tsougrhs.59
are you gonna bring more? what is next mycah?
fuck. bro
7/6 c2 tsougrhs.59
is arthur gonna be always with goblinslayer? dammit i tho he will make and quest alone or have his own party
7/3 c2 Fuchs0126
This is a very cool story
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