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3/4 c13 stylo1
copper isnt a rank. the rank after ruby is bronze
3/4 c5 stylo1
interesting story and well written. its a shame he cant get something like a silencing enchantment on his guns. hell i dont get his lackluster interest in magic anyways, i mean its Magic who doesnt want to at least explore it
2/23 c13 Deushcess
The wait was really worth it, a very good chapter, I was intrigued by the end and the rest was very nice. Keep it up, it's coming out great
2/18 c13 Diamond of soul
Wow, so good chapter, thanks for follow story
2/20 c13 9Mr ChubbySnorlax619
HOSEA! It's got to be Hosea who's the Shootist, sounds fancy and something that old con artist would come up with. But it could also be someone else, maybe Red from the original Red Dead Revolver or Arthur's dad? Either way I can't wait to see who it is. Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait for more.
2/17 c13 Guest
Hey mugiwara no luffy! i got an idea for the story that you are gonna love, so after the group takes care of the goblins in the sewer, how about do one of those moments that don't involve hunting goblins, like you did with the howlers. in the chapter a hunter from the far north of the world, (a native american warrior, since there's a lot of stuff that has real life aspects like lizard priest looking like a native american shaman.) comes to the guild seeking aid of the goblin slayer and his party to deal with a problem with their enemies: the wendigos, which there's a sudden change in growth in wendigo activity. here's my take on the wendigo, when someone cannibalizes one of their own, they get possessed by the wendigo and turns them into one, the other is a monster, where it is believed that when a wendigo dies they possessed the person that cannibalizes one of their, they would return and is reborn. two types of wendigo to avoid any confusion. i got this idea from the light novel of goblin slayer where a cryptid, which we all know and love: the mokele mbembe appears in the light novel, hope it gets on the manga soon as possible. and the growing interest in wendigos. arthur realizes that the hunter needs their help with the wendigo problem, the wendigo hunter even doesn't know but he also heard of strange green creatures, one that goblin slayer immediately realizes that it is goblins, for that goblin slayer and his party go the northern part of the world, there they must deal with not only goblins, but creatures that are the symbol of cannibalism, one that is from arthur's world in terms of native american mythology. i think wendigo hunter and goblin slayer would get along so well, due to them sharing an interest in slaying one type of monster. so what do you think of my idea for this one? if not how about one where they would take a quest in assisting a group of explorer's to a tropical island where prehistoric creatures, especially dinosaurs to study and learn. like i said mokele mbembe appeared in the light novel of goblin slayer, so it's a possibility that dinosaurs exist in goblin slayers world, heck even lizard priest's miracles have the names of dinosaurs as well. so how about this one too? i think those idea's are intriguing. So What do you say?
2/17 c10 Cowmangler9000
Guild girl
2/17 c13 Bittersteel626
Very nice story I love it!
2/16 c13 12leo0074
Good to see this story be updated. Enjoyable chapter, not much happened but it’s leading somewhere. I’m surprised you decided to use the anime-format and go directly to the Water City crisis unread of how the novel/manga progress, but it’s still good...
2/14 c13 jesseshipman927
can you have another one of these stories but jin sakai from ghost of tsushima is in goblin slayer instead
2/14 c13 cirithewitcheress
i have a lore question for whoever in the reviews who might know the answer- why doesnt Lizard Priest just use and axe or just a normal scimitar instead wasting a miracle for Swordclaw?

I heard that in volume 9 there was something about not being able to use the ogre's weapon for religious reasons but im not 100% clear on the details
2/12 c13 Guest
Great chapter, keep up the good writing!
2/11 c13 ER-47
Thanks for updating this story
2/11 c13 captaindickscratcher
Didn't Sword Maiden have a blindfold over her eye's?

Assuming whoever the shootist was prevented her blindness, it kind of takes away some of the uniqueness of SM with her vision being replaced by a awareness beyond sight including someone's aura and possible Destiny. Does this mean she also doesn't have the fear of goblins if someone rescued her?
2/9 c13 Evil Reviewer
Well, to our mystery “Shootist” I’m guessing it’a of the following: John Marshton (despite his death years after Arthur’s, and most likely because time can be relative between realms, especially when traveling to them via gods/anything).

Dutch (same reason as above, albeit more outlandish in my opinion).

Or Hosea Mathews (because why not at this point).

... I doubt it’s Red Harlow. If nothing else it’s because the man at best is somewhere between a myth or just an exaggeration of events within the Red Dead Redemption-verse. If nothing else he’s never seen in person.
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