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2/9 c13 TheOldPMC
I get the feeling that the Shootist is either Jack Swift or Red Harlow, two iconic characters from Red Dead Revolver. If the Shootist is really one of those two characters, it would be very awesome and impressive that you went to those nostalgic lengths for anyone who remembers Red Dead Revolver.
2/10 c13 10DocHoliday0316
Welcome back, and this chapter was pretty good. What interested me the most was the reveal that Sword Maiden isn't blind this time, and that she had a party member named Shootist (which I'm guessing is probably John Marston, or at least somebody from Red Dead).

This plot point has my attention and curiosity. Good chapter as always.
2/10 c13 12Janus366
If I'm not seeing things, the Sword Maiden seems to be not blind this time around. Maybe she managed to escape her original fate thanks to this 'shootist'?

Now I just want to know even more who will be...
2/10 c13 11DruidGensokyo
Lemme guess...Shootist is Red Harlow?
2/10 c13 2Dilapidated Colors
Ooh, I smell something interesting when Sword Maiden mentioned about someone she knew.
2/9 c13 454godamora
Glad to see this story is back.
2/9 c13 radomeperson
The shootist it's uncle.

Joking aside I wonder if it's Red harlow but if it's a member of the Vand der Linde gang it would interesting if it was Hosea to see Arthur's reaction.
2/9 c13 9christian.a.lebron1
Freaking love that this story isn't dead. Really looking forward to know who that other adventurer was. I'm thinking it was Red From the first game.
2/9 c13 Caspian123
Marston? But didn't he die after Morgan? Would be interesting anyways.
2/9 c13 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
2/9 c13 2Th3DarkAngel
Love the chapter!
2/9 c13 CommanderNova702
The prodigal legend returns with a brand new chapter of the Gunslinger, all is right in the universe. :D
2/9 c13 Lance Harris
For those that are wondering about The Shootist. In Spacebattles thats how, hypothetically, John Marston would be called if he were to reincarnate in this world just like Arthur.
2/9 c13 pyrojack25
I take it this Shootist has something to do with The Sword Maiden's keeping her sight. I'm either thinking Harlow or someone in van der Linde's gang who died after Lenny.

The Fighter tempting to come back, perhaps with Morgan's help, with a good push, she can be a valuable ally if given the chance. But given what happened before I can understand her hesitance, especially for what could have happened in canon.

Nice to see you're alright. Don't anything about a comic, even if I try looking I don't see shit. :P
2/9 c13 3AdvanceGamer
The legend returns with a another very interesting chapter, I thought the book was dead to be honest, I'm glad I was wrong, now I wait for another chapter to come out.

keep up the awesome work.
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