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2/8 c13 wwgaming
The shootist... one of RDR's OSTs was called The Shootist... JOHN?!
2/8 c13 19mpowers045
Oh I love the mystery moment, keep up the good work
2/8 c13 5Forzarismo
Great to see you update once more! Great chapter as always! I'm going to hazard a guess and assume that the Shootist in question is a younger Hosea am I right? That's the only one that seems to come to mind personally and if that is the case then I hope we get to see him soon. Thank you so much for making such an incredible fic involving one of the greatest characters in video game history and seeing more of them pop up is certainly a highlight, which is why I am doing my part as well and introducing Arthur Morgan into my own fic!

2/8 c13 17AK-103
Glad to see that you are back!
1/30 c1 JFalcon-TM
What the fuck is this? How did you manage to make a RDR2 and Goblin Slayer crossover so damn good? I felt like I was playing the game all over again. Props to you, my man!
1/30 c13 Jojorichief
we need more CHAPTERS - Dutch
1/2 c13 2AkaDeca
I’ll look into the KoFi. Please update when you can, this is really good and I can’t wait for me. I would really like to see Arthur against the Demon Lord if you want to get creative!
1/2 c12 AkaDeca
Really nice story! Please add new chapters soon!
1/2 c11 AkaDeca
Really cool idea with the Ash Wolves. I feel bad for the rookie
1/2 c10 AkaDeca
1/2 c9 AkaDeca
Nice stuff!
1/2 c8 AkaDeca
Good chapter
1/2 c7 AkaDeca
Very sweet! Please update soon! I want more chapters!
1/2 c6 AkaDeca
I feel bad for warrior. His pride screwed them over
1/2 c5 AkaDeca
Glad we are finally here. But they are dead? That actually hurts bad
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