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for God of Swords: How a Sword is Forged

6/26 c6 Kodaking
Man this chapter is all over the place, i can hardly tell whats happening. Uh but i am enjoying this fic
6/23 c1 1The Tangerine Cat
On the account of forfeiting a writing sprint against a Pasta Enthusiast—proposed by said Pasta Enthusiast, where said Pasta Enthusiast already knew the track record of my snail crawling pace at writing, compared to said Pasta Enthusiast's blistering speed—I have come to comment on said Pasta Enthusiast's story as per agreement to the outcome of the competition.

While very different from what I have planned for my own fic, this Pasta Enthusiast's story is what kindled my interest in PJO x Fate crossovers. This was the story, for the first time in the short while since I started reading fanfics, that had me contemplating writing something myself.

Therefore, following the footsteps of said Pasta Enthusiast, I will try my best to eat more pasta, drink more wine, gesture more with my hands, and follow an unstable update schedule that would sometimes leave my readers hanging for months, if not seasons.


p.s. I have already started following his advice of cutting my chapters shorter and splitting them into new chapters so that I can work less while keeping updates going. So far, it's worked like a charm.
6/23 c2 Pixelitus
Mmm. This fic is interesting, and I’m definitely enjoying it, but…what I mean is, the grammar is kind of mediocre I suppose? There are definitely quite a few mistakes. Not enough to be unreadable, but mistakes nevertheless. May I suggest taking on a beta reader or even trying something like Grammarly? Either way, good fic so far, I’ll keep reading.
6/22 c15 JonnyBoboThe1st
Thanks for the chapter!
6/21 c15 ALTER-BOT
Is this some kind of torture porn?
6/21 c15 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter .
6/21 c15 1TheBeatles211
Well that answers how Ares knows about Shirou’s origins. Although I’m still not sure what he’s plotting by helping them. The explanation made sense, but it contradicts his character a ton. What is really going on with Ares?

As for Medusa and her sisters, apparently those investigators were actually Ares followers. And they ended up stealing a radio that allows them to listen in on Shirou and the others. So far it’s more questions than answers at this point. I look forward to seeing when more is revealed. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
6/21 c15 Diabolos Aides
Thanks for the chapter
6/21 c15 8Jebest4781
Good entry with how this went here.
6/21 c15 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
6/21 c15 Shen1412
Huh quite a different Ares we have here
6/14 c14 Liam
Child Annie is starting to get on my nerves. She is blaming Rider for being transformed when she was raped by Old P. Like WTF Child. I get you're a child but don't be so close minded.
6/7 c14 Nerve Ender
Keep up the good work!
6/3 c14 7Paxloria
Thank you for the chapter.

Huh, it's not in cannon for Aries & his men to get involved. Why is he here? He's related to the government or is it some faction of the military or privite security company?

Some sentences have problems. It would take too long to explain. Just read them and you can tell they are not properly complete.

Owls belong to Athena, not Aries, so it doesn't make sense to keep mentioning them here.

I can tell this chapter is written from Annabeths point of view.
Why is this girl SO obsessed with Luke?
And at the end, why does she say, "This isn't wise at all"? This makes no sense. It implies that she believes that they had the choice to refuse Aries so-called 'trial' when, in fact, she knows they didn't.
Logically, it'd make more sense to say something like:
"This Sucks"
"We don't need/have time for this right now"
"WTF is happening with this d**ne quest"
Or some words like that.
6/3 c14 xaxiel1572
Great chapter, though, I wonder how this'll work out for Emiya now that someone knows, but was Annabel always this insufferable?
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