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for God of Swords: How a Sword is Forged

3/20 c8 Olivium
It's nice to know that the story that brought me into the Percy Jackson fanfics isn't dead; my condolences on your situation, I hope it gets better or at least manageable for you.
3/20 c8 ColcytusRising
Your work is good and I don't mind helping finance it, but, can you do it through patreon? It's easier to use and is more helpful for you in the long run, and set a teir at a fairly high price, ill pay if your posting like once a week or once every 2 weeks, 25-50 dollars for this good a story? Sign me up lol
3/20 c8 2Reaper Gamer
Good to see it back I don’t have financial to help, so all I can give is prayer. Good luck and stay safe Manram
3/20 c8 7Wally991
Nice nice. I like the variety in perspectives. It gives us a new perspective on Annabeth behavior instead of thinking that she's just being annoying or something
3/20 c8 Guesto
Nice, thought this was dead. Will look forward for more
3/20 c8 8Jebest4781
Been quite a while since seeing this story. Looks well on how the chapter went.
3/20 c8 Brother Bov
Still here, still reading, still loyally awaiting the next chapter

My prayers are with you.

Brother Sergeant Bov
3/20 c8 1Gill45
You know your unique grammar and writing has a certain charm to it. Because things aren't spelled out in the typical way you have to pay close attention to what you read. It's sometimes a bit of challenge to understand but that's the fun of it. Plus the story is good en the characters feel sincere. Glad you're back.
3/20 c8 faertios040
Man it understandable that you need some money nowadays.
After the pandemic and the constant inflation this two last years everyone is having economic problems (except the rich of course).
Hopefully things go better in your life and you find a solution for your problems.
3/20 c7 Dasgun
3/20 c8 Alredy exist
hey, hope your situation get's better, I really am happy that you upload, this fic has probably one of the best Story lines i've read in so long so I truly hope to see more updates, but please do not feel obligated to post more, focus on your own life first
3/20 c8 sadmoh0207
Love the chapter ️️ hopefully you can continuing writing
3/20 c8 Dasgun
3/11 c7 7Wally991
Just saying, Percy took until the 5th book to THINK. "You know? it really annoys me when people, my friends, hide things from me." It's funny cuz, we, as the readers, always got really annoyed that everyone just skipped explanations when it came to speaking to him.
2/14 c6 16ZobbleStone
Second to last paragraph, who heard her shout the last paragraph?
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