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for God of Swords: How a Sword is Forged

5/20 c13 drewbear89
Wait wait, 3 children enter the house without the owner being there and blame the owner of that house for whatever those children did? and his first reaction is to shoot the owner of the house and that just came back from wherever in a hospital gown?
5/20 c13 ulttoanova
That ending with medusa was interesting, I dont' have much else to say. I look forward to more.
5/20 c13 2NIGRIS
Thanks for the update dude. This story is great.
5/19 c13 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
5/19 c13 Nikkless
more please.
thx for the chapter
5/19 c13 5PoofyOhio
Lombardy? Like Italy lombardy? Goddamn, if you’re Italian that makes your English quite good.
5/19 c13 4ndykun
Stheno: GAS! GAS! GAS! I'm gonna step on the gas!
5/19 c13 JonnyBoboThe1st
Nice chapter!
5/19 c13 Shen1412
Thx for the chapter
5/19 c13 AidenJacksonSmithDSBB
... Oh joy EMIYA's going to meet them ain't he?
5/19 c13 1TheBeatles211
Looks like that group had help, most likely from Ares. They couldn’t tell Shirou much, but at least he knows there’s a tracker on them. He’ll probably do a thorough inspection of all their stuff once he’s calmed down a bit. Right now Penny is worried about his current state, probably blaming herself for putting him in the position where he had to do that. While Annabeth is feeling very scared of him, but hopefully that will die down soon.

As for Medusa, she appears to be struggling with her current humanity. She doesn’t want to fall back on old habits, but she’s way more vulnerable now. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update soon.
5/19 c13 8Jebest4781
Quite nice with how this was done here. Keep up the good work.
5/19 c13 grant.walker581
i cant wait for shirou to figure out what exactly has the rune that is tracking them.

shirou is gonna be so mad, i cant wait for it!

love the chapter and hope your week gets better

5/19 c13 faearwen
5/13 c2 Trife
Yeah... I think I'll be dropping this now. The summary had my attention but after the crap that was last chapter and him saying his anger over her bringing him back was unjustified even though it went completely against what he wanted and then this chapter, I'll leave it here.

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