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for God of Swords: How a Sword is Forged

4/18 c2 Guest
I'm just going to believe the hypothesis where your "goddess" is a dipshit self insert. No longer interested, have fun with life.
4/18 c1 Guest
Can this dipshit goddess that you are using to talk directly to your main character please shut the fuck up. She is ruining the story by being a retard.
4/18 c11 Marco martinez
Yo no me di cuenta que continuaste!
Bro me encanta cuando Medusa está mejor, su historia y la de Sakura me encanta
4/17 c11 Tucka
this was hilarious and im happy for Medusa
4/17 c11 27 Winds
You did great with this chapter. Medusa's sisters have always been funny to read about in any Fate story. Plus I think Shirou did it because the other Medusa cared for Sakura in his previous life and him to a small extent.
4/17 c11 Cerberus13
And the road trip continues. Annabeth needs to get off that high horse. Shirou has no reason to try and I doubt guilt tripping is gonna work on someone like him. The man has seen to much to care. The Medusa and her sisters are on the move. The kindness he shown has gotten him some unexpected allies in this world. Future interactions will be glorious.
4/16 c11 2Reaper Gamer
Kinda adorable how frustrated Annabeth is getting, and how she is almost flinching at Penelope snoring.
4/16 c11 7Paxloria
Good chapter!

So Medusa is alive? That's great!
But why is she in a hospital and why would her shop be in the news?
~ On a dark stormy knight with no one around at a place where many living beings had previously been turned into stone, no one should have come over to investigate the commotion at Medusa's place and find her. Even if someone did, they would have taken off her glasses while she was unawake instead of leaving them on her face. The gaze of medusa could turn the kracken to stone, why doesn't it work on her sisters? Didn't she eat her sisters, so why are they alive & fine now? The glasses were traced, not forged, so they should have vanished after a few hours. How are they still with her?
4/16 c11 Diabolos Aides
Thanks for the chapter
4/16 c11 1TheBeatles211
This chapter had a lot of tension occur between Shirou and Annabeth. While he didn’t yell or argue with her, that was mostly due to him being too mature to do that to her. Downside of her being a child of Athena, she seeks out knowledge even if she shouldn’t. Add in the self righteousness and desperation for glory and approval, and you have a very self-centered and naive girl. She berated Shirou on “selfishly” holding back, when he doesn’t owe her anything.

That aside, turns out Shirou was able to cure Medusa of her Gorgan form. She now has normal hair and skin, but still has her petrifying gaze. Although the glasses help prevent that. Now she and her sisters plan to find Shirou to repay him for his kindness. Anywho, I wish you good luck with your writing and I hope to see the next update.
4/16 c11 10lcra
Annabeth is getting really invested in telling EMIYAs secrets despite EMIYA insisting they swear themselves to secrecy via an oath on the River Styx. That, or EMIYA never got that oath out if Annabeth unlike how he implied at the end of Chapter 7. Either way, Annabeth is setting herself up to be EMIYA’s largest headache.

On the other hand, Medusa going on a roadtrip with Eurale and Stheno sounds extremely chaotic. Definity looking forward to whenever they catch up to EMIYA.
4/16 c11 Bobthehuggod
Annabeth you annoying little shit shut the fuck up
4/16 c11 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter as always
4/16 c11 Buttermu
pretty checky chapter
4/16 c11 8Jebest4781
Fun chapter and liked how this turned out here. Can’t wait for more when possible.
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