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10/20 c26 Guest
Thankyou for coming back to this story! It’s my favourite, and I really don’t want it to end!
10/18 c26 5devil3567
Absolutely in love with this story. It’s a fresh take on clexa. I can’t wait for the next update, you’re doing an exceptional job!
10/16 c26 Harlan Malkavian
Great ending, they are finally togheter for good.

Yes Bellamy is gone and even the alien troll Ally know that Lexa is the love of Clarke's life.
And Clarke just lost her daughter forever. She can't get some bloody peace.
9/20 c25 Guest
Your back! I’m so excited. Love it
9/19 c25 Harlan Malkavian
YES! Good, great, awesome.

They kiss and fuck Finn.
9/16 c24 Harlan Malkavian
Please, please, for the love of Wanheda, stop stalling on the end of this bloody angst.

This story is so good but also so infuriating.
8/23 c24 Wolfanda
Dang it. I got all caught up. Now I regret reading it so fast . I've gotta wait for this amazing story now
8/1 c24 2clarkekomskaikruu
Best. Clexa. Fic. Ever.
7/26 c24 Guest
Can’t wait for the update this is great!
7/26 c20 Greek-geek120
I can't wait for another awesome chapter.
7/19 c24 Wolf2468
please continue please please
7/14 c24 Guest
This is so good, please keep going :))
7/12 c24 Guest
This chapter goes hard
7/4 c24 3roguishcharm
I'm glad Clarke came to her senses and is finally there for Lexa. They are definitely better together than apart.
7/4 c24 roguishcharm
I love Lexa and her sense of duty. As a Princess and a Soldier she has to put the needs of her people and her country above her own. Lexa had heavy burdens to bear.
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