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4/24 c6 Masterx01
This is a rather interesting fic and it has been nice to read it so far.

But i also feel that it could use a more detailed narrative and slower pace to make it more engaging. Some escenes feels rather barebones and thus not quite as solid as they should due the lack of details and some build up.

That aside, thanks for the chapter.
4/21 c6 11Shareon
Congrats on getting another chapter out!
4/20 c6 Lawoi
Update more
Update faster
Update More and faster
Update Faster and more
4/19 c6 8storybookknight
What a great idea for a crossover! I like that you're not afraid to change things up from the stations of canon, even so-called "minor" things like code names, weapon assignments, and executions! The influence of Ranma's Personas on his behavior is very welcome to see as well - it gives the game mechanics much more narrative strength and tension. Well done, and I look forward to reading more!
4/19 c6 2nobodyreallyimportant
Coffee dad is trying his best. Ganbatte, coffee dad!
4/18 c6 kingred222
I'm surprised you didn't have Ranma just straight up tell Sojiro whats going on by mistake due to him being tired and crazy being pretty much Ranma's default environment but the question becomes would he be against it or would he do what he can to support Ranma after learning shit has hit the fan and beings called shadows are being attracted to people's desires. I mean he has his daughter's condition to worry about and might panic that shadows might come for her in some way.
4/18 c6 48reality deviant
i feel like im missing something here, too, but have no idea what exactly
4/18 c6 6tarrangar
So is the Weakness Moxibustion gone, or do it just not work, when Ranma is too insane to register that he's doing damage?
4/17 c3 Dalke320
I know you said that P5R will not be apart of this but I can low key see Ranma bringing Maruki to tears. IMO it’s a good thing this takes place before things get really weird. IE. Orochi, Herb and Ranma’s fight breaking a mountain, Taro and Rogue, Saffron. If it took place after all that the meta verse would only rate a solid meh and his prison sentence would have prob been served in a psych ward.
I hope you keep up the fantastic work!
4/17 c6 Hishin Trueflame
With the current drough of good Ranma fanfic material, seeing a new chapter of this is a pleasure beyond my capacity of describing it.
I miss the golden days of Ranma fanfic, I really do and reading your stories brings me back to those times, even if it is just for the duration of a single chapter.
4/17 c6 2Kariston Draconis
Hmmm... Nekomata gives Ranma Auto-Berserk eh? Makes sense. And Ranma seems to be learning something about friendship.
4/17 c6 NeutralWotan
Something funny in the water? Ranma's starting to question all the weird crap and how his decision making was warped in Nerima. Very interested in seeing where that's going.
2/20 c1 Passing through
I love that summary.
1/13 c5 nihongogakusei
This is coming along very well
1/12 c5 6Aergaia
hope this gets updated, I've been playing Royal and the scenes are fresh in my memory. God there's just something enticing about Ranma being vulnerable that makes for some compelling development, love it.
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