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for Dance With the Devil (2)

9/14 c6 Guest
please add 7 soon!
7/31 c2 2Lord-Sylph
Eeeeeh, Hyperdrive engines are a lot like Slipspace drives, in that the ship enters a subspace dimension where they can traverse great distances quickly

Another thing, is that while Hyperspace drives are very fast for an FTL drive, it still takes weeks (canonically) to cross the Star Wars galaxy, and the distances between galaxies is FAR greater than the diameter of any galaxy, so you’re looking at potentially months or years of tracel time,

And then Slipspace, while fast, in the books it’s mentioned they put crews into cryopods because even intrasystem travel takes weeks of time

Ok, rant over
7/24 c6 3TheWizardofOzbourne
Excellent! The Flood attack scene was very well done and I love how accurately you portray such a vast swath of characters.
7/16 c2 4SHDW
not even Vader can stop the flood
7/12 c6 Cooldude101011
Very interesting. Keep it up. I hope Vader tells hood, etc about his visions of the flood
7/11 c6 Lord Demolitions
Thrawn gonna betray Palpatine soon or is he waiting for the perfect moment?
3/17 c5 glosty ben
umm, dude, do you know the ao3 author Red_October? Well, they posted 2 you of your fanfictions on his thing. did you give them permission or not? here's a link to his page /users/Red_October/pseuds/Red_October
1/25 c5 Da Warboss
1/25 c1 Guest
A UNSC Marine should sing Ocean Man around Akbar
1/26 c3 2Lord-Sylph
I feel like there’s an entire chapter missing
10/3/2019 c5 Dan
Great story! Probably the best crossover I have seen yet.
9/28/2019 c5 Krieger 4753737
*realizes that you can't dig trenches in space*
•sad gasmask noises•
9/27/2019 c5 1TheDarkChronist
Fantastic. I wish we could see more fallen Jedi through the Force! And I can't wait for the Gravemind to show up in its full rotten glory. Keep up the good work!
9/27/2019 c5 Lord Demolitions
Korriban eh? I think the one Force Ghost they should meet in Korriban is Ajunta Pall who turned back to the light when he was a force ghost. Someone knowledgeable and ancient like him who used both sides of the force should benefit Vader and Luke greatly.

Also hope Thrawn with Soontir Fel, Voss Parck, Dagon Niriz, Freja Covell, and the 181st defect. If I remember correctly, Pellaeon has already defected with Vader.

Will wee see Agent Jahan Cross of ISB make an appearance? He is the James Bond of Star Wars and is a man of reason.
9/27/2019 c5 Hadrian.Caeser
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