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for Dear Beyblade Authors

1/22 c6 20Darkened-Storm
I meant to say you were wicked pretty, not pretty wicked!
Come on, Enrique is like Joey from friends - harmless, fun, has a way with the ladies and some good genetics to boot!
1/22 c5 Darkened-Storm
Come on Hil, let's get real now. You really are into Tyson, you're both just too stubborn to admit it!
1/22 c3 Darkened-Storm
Scoundrel you say? Johnny likes the sound of that )
1/22 c2 Darkened-Storm
Max would have a blog - actually these days he'd probably have an instagram and a ticktock - you should totally make a short story about posts the bladebreakers put on their tik tok )
1/22 c1 Darkened-Storm
I don't see him using steroids, but he absolutely does protein shakes for breakfast, and I can imagine him doing some sort of weird all meat diet... I mean, come on, it's Kai after all )
1/19 c6 57Cutetyhil
That was so like Enrique! XD I laughed at this. Go on, Enrique, you're doing well! XD
1/18 c5 4ILoveMySweetIndia
No Hils! You are lying! We authors have really sharp eyes!
I know I know! You don't like Tyson but You like KAI!
Yes! yes! yes! You Do! Admit it...

We fanfic author will keep on writing romantic stories on You and KAI! YAY!
Special me and Misty Di [Droplets of blue rain]
Go and check out my and her stories!
You will eventually fell in love with our Kai! [Though you already do ;D]
PM ME! I will make you realize your feelings!
1/18 c1 ILoveMySweetIndia
Hey Kaaaaiiiiiiii! I am your very very big fan! I am Chiya!
I love you soooooooooooo much! *Jumps at you and starts kissing you ;D*
You are the most handsome person in the world!
I admire you so much!
Aha, You could have been a little more soft to us... ':
I know that you wear face paints not makeup.
And something is going on between you and Hils right? *Winks*
Don't hide it from me... I know it!

Yours Chiya
1/17 c6 97Droplets of blue rain
Hahaha...why cannot guys play dumb to get girls? Enrique...you'll never change! xD
Update soon :D
-Misty _
12/13/2020 c5 13Emerald Vivienne Ramira Mayvin
Well friendship is the first stage of love Hilary. And admiring good genetics ? Maybe it got a bit more dosed and lead to loveHey let the next one be Ray or Tala .
12/13/2020 c4 Emerald Vivienne Ramira Mayvin
Ofcourse you are not an evil man you are a mad abuser . it's not because of your hair it's because of how you abused those kids in the Abbey .
12/13/2020 c3 Emerald Vivienne Ramira Mayvin
Yesss . I too hate it when someone Pairs Oliver with Enrique . For God's Sake they both are straight . Not Gay .
All the Majestics are straight Noblemen . Come on Authors let's stop pairing them please .
12/13/2020 c2 Emerald Vivienne Ramira Mayvin
Well all the authors let's stop calling Max a sugar rush guy . Instead let's call him a Mustard addicted boy .
12/13/2020 c1 Emerald Vivienne Ramira Mayvin
Hey I thought Kai might say something about getting paired with Tyson . But Yes Kai we know you are a guy , a good looking Guy . Happy Kai ..
12/11/2020 c5 10Wanderer's Cynefin
Hilary could have ranted on and on about this XD
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