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2/8 c3 SMB
Why did that change when Moody's attack didn't? Why did you make Harry an even bigger pussy than canon? It was pathetic that he rushed forward towards the enemy to cast a disarming spell that works at a distance. That's so f**king stupid that I laughed and shook my head at how f**king stupid it was. How can you justify making Harry smarter and then making him act dumber? You lost the plot and I'm out. It's not worth hurting my brain reading this nonsense.
2/8 c17 Aetemus
Brown eyes, 'bond' with a Horcrux, former friend to the 'prey' (Luna?), neglectful family. Is this some version of Ginny who did not get fully exorcised of Tom's influence? I mean, not like this fic doesn't already have enough antagonists- let's add some more, sure.

Beyond that though, it's good to see that this story isn't dead. Looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out.
2/8 c1 BetOnRonHIMly
As Ron fought the fraud Harry, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry shrunk back in fear as he opened his domain, DEATH EATER TROPE.

Ron said: Stand Proud, Harry. You are Strong.
2/8 c17 ARWilliams
An absolutely intriguing story - I can’t predict where the hits will come from next. I’m terrified for Luna, I find myself apprehensive of just about everyone, and your writing is exceptionally evocative, drawing me from sentence to sentence like a siren. Excellent writing!
8/5/2023 c16 rayhawkins10
Very interesting and unique. Thank you.
11/30/2022 c16 Guest
Great story! Please, please, please update soon!
9/18/2022 c12 Guest
Great ! Yet another story where Ron Weasley and Draco Malloy are better than the so called hero !
6/14/2022 c16 Guest
Harry's fight against the dragon was nerve-wracking; his duel against the Durmstrang girl...pure geius! Ron and Draco seperately is just small-minded bullying. Together they are a vile, hateful pair. I really hope you will continue this story soon. It's an epic twist on the Triwizard Tournament and I for one love it!
12/1/2021 c16 1Baahubali
damn that duel with harry against the girl from beauxbaton was epic. glad that he isn't op to the point that its unrealistic. battle transfiguration is pretty epic and i liked how harry started that little club for duelling. adding blaise was pretty interesting and i like it while ron's reaction was actually realistic. my favourite was the dragon fight, harry doing the wronsi feint and hurling boulders at the dragon was just amazing and in my opinion, much better than the fight in canon. plz update, this is a really good fanfic:)
10/18/2021 c16 Guest
I loveddddd the storyline the character development...everything was ...please update soon...I can't contain my curiosity...
8/13/2021 c3 Guest
Well this story sucks
7/10/2021 c16 Guest
Ron is a traitorous fool, and Dumblemort is an evil old malignant narcissist (just like in Canon)!
5/10/2021 c1 1jascoe
yellow is sus
2/5/2021 c16 debygoebel
Can Ron actually be that stupid ?
I guess I'll know soon enough
Hope they will find Luna soon enough
2/1/2021 c16 yoto
bon chapitre
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