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for What are you thinking?

9/11 c8 3ThePotatoBlog43
Please write more of this!
1/23 c1 sammykordy01
Are you going to update this
2/8/2019 c7 Batshark
Wow I love everyone’s reaction can’t wait to see how Jim and Alfred in particular react to there young ward being Batman

Sorry for the late review !
2/1/2019 c7 AUSTINROX5
can you do a Gotham fanfiction sequel to What are you thinking

in between Season 5 Episodes 5 and Episode 9

What Are You Thinking 2 in that one CrystalQueen187 has to talk to Selina Kyle
1/30/2019 c7 CharlotteKat
OMFG that was amazing XD
1/28/2019 c4 Guest
1/19/2019 c5 Batshark
Great chapter loved it can’t wait for more!
1/10/2019 c5 Charlotte
I'm pretty sure it's an island that's part of New Jersey, but it's based off New York City.
1/6/2019 c4 Batshark
You should really let Bruce find out about Batman

Maybe even show him like his Wikipedia page or something

I think that would be very cool
12/7/2018 c4 Charlotte
I can relate to closing my tabs too XD
12/6/2018 c4 AUSTINROX5
please in the next chapter can you please bring up AUSTINROX5 wants a #batcatspinoff? as soon after your break
12/1/2018 c3 AUSTINROX5
in chapter 4 could you also bring up AUSTINROX5 wanted a #batcatspinoff after Gotham ended and bring up Helena Kyle Wayne daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle?
11/25/2018 c2 Stephanie
I think the fourth wall is already broken XD
11/25/2018 c2 Charlotte
Lol, I love this XD
11/24/2018 c2 AUSTINROX5
fourth wall break in chapter 3 bring up Selina Kyle

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