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for More than Pride

9/12/2020 c8 Denie1943
This is a nice twist on the story and I hope you will continue. Perhaps you might consider a turn in Anne's mind based on Gil's soft and sincere approach. Then we could see the romance begin without the unneeded angst.
8/3/2020 c8 3Puhinkam
Is thers any continuation? I want to read it! I like itvery much, You creat a great Anns! She's just perfect - her pride, stubborn. Perfect!
5/19/2020 c8 BirdieKitKat
Looking forward to part 2! I love the mid of the book, the miniseries, and the new Netflix one. And you have so captured the voice of the characters. Anne and Marilla are ON POINT and this Ruby is very much the sunshine child of the new show. Love it!
1/2/2020 c1 5Alexia cooper
Well anne is certainly a hypocrite here. Was it not her who made an Absolute ass of herself to Gilbert when his father died. "oh no he called me carrots" She is so offended and not willing to forgive what she "KNOWS" was not meant to be an insult. SHE LITTERALLY TOLD GILBERT HE WAS LUCKY WHEN HIS DAD DIED. i think between the two of them he has more of a reason to stay mad. and she has more of a reason to be understanding and forgiving. especially after both botv Gilbert and his father made comments on actually liking her hair and Gilbert has called her cute or pretty more than once in the past. (I am now under 6he assumption Gilbert's mom was a red head.)
7/19/2019 c8 Kim
I really want to read more! I love your writing so much... Have you posted the 2 part already?
3/10/2019 c8 3Broogann
this is so great i hope you get the next chapter out soon i cant wait to see what happens
3/6/2019 c8 3Fallingupsidedown
You've done a great job building things up with Anne's backstory and I'm excited to see where it goes. Also the scene where she ends up in the river is such a classic. Love that you put it in here.
2/18/2019 c8 SofMRF
What a great adaptation to the boat scene, I cant wait for next chapters! 3
1/7/2019 c5 9Kakashihime
Great chapter. I'm looking forward to the next.
12/28/2018 c4 Kakashihime
I love this! I can't wait for the next chapter
11/23/2018 c2 42oz diva
Oh what larks! I mean we could see that pairing coming a mile off, but it’ll be fun to watch them work together.
11/23/2018 c2 7linithamonre77
Ohhh this will be very interesting for both. I really want to see what’s next.
Thanks for the New story.
11/23/2018 c2 Fire4Heaven
Hey some advice, if you decide to make a Pokemon you will be targetted by a group of bullies who will falsely review your story. They go by the name "St Elmo's Fire", "Farla", "Reeds of Enki, "DLPxBeAsTxSnIpE", "Talarc", "thisispingas", "Act" and BeHopeful. It's best to block them before they become a problem for you. Do not talk to them either for as they will send your PM down over at their blog.

Why they do it is rather simple. They think they know better then everyone else. Better to block them. Also spread the word and warn others

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