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for Dekiru: The Fusion Hero!

5/20 c7 Koisuna
quick question, what would happen if Izuku fused with All Might?
5/6 c17 Guest
you know there are two OC characters from My Hero Academia, called “tenshi takami” by kyliivan and “satomi natsumi” by xDarkHikarix, both characters have the story that they are basically childhood friends of izuku and bakugo, I really wonder how the "fusions" with them would be like if they were here
5/5 c17 KaratachiYagura
Very nice, I hope you continue this history some day.
4/30 c7 Guest
now just imagine if this version of momo yaoyorozu got her hands on a piece of adamantium or taydenite to study
4/30 c17 Guest
so todoroki is angry, well that's something, by the way talking about Todoroki, there is a user called "ackerbangbang" who does bnha content, he has done many things, but what I want to emphasize is that he gave the Todoroki family something called "God mode", he also made a concept art of Shoto todoroki in God mode, so google it, maybe it will give you some kind of inspiration or something since apparently your version of Shōto Todoroki is not very happy with the idea of "fusion"
4/30 c17 Dragonless
Love it! Binged the story and can’t wait to see more crazy fusions!
4/25 c12 Amargi'sNodachi
Wtf is wrong with this Todoroki?
4/22 c17 N1cok
I hope this isn't dead. I hope for more soon.
4/14 c1 Sebine
Ah yes a TV show with a well known fusion mechanic that totally wasn't stolen from better showed, Shithole Universe
4/10 c17 Guest
I worry this story may be dead...but GOD i hope we get some updates lol i am freaking LOVING IT! Just binge read the whole thing in a night and half a day lol
3/4 c17 Leo 23
wooo it's a very interesting story, I love izuku's quirk, greetings from Argentina
3/1 c17 LezarioFanficio
I wanna see a harem for Izuku, also I am loving this fic! Keep it up!
3/1 c13 LezarioFanficio
I wanna see a harem for Izuku!
2/13 c17 Guest
Wher part 18
2/15 c17 PEJP BengtZone V2
Judging by the reaction of Gran Torino, it would seem that the Fusion quirk allows Izuku to bypass the Lifespan Reduction curse that One For All inflicts upon any Quirk-bearing user of it.

I bet that that, at least some portion of, the extra energy is transferred to the "Fusees", giving them the means to experience potential Quirk Evolution.
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