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for Dekiru: The Fusion Hero!

4/10 c17 Guest
I worry this story may be dead...but GOD i hope we get some updates lol i am freaking LOVING IT! Just binge read the whole thing in a night and half a day lol
3/4 c17 Leo 23
wooo it's a very interesting story, I love izuku's quirk, greetings from Argentina
3/1 c17 LezarioFanficio
I wanna see a harem for Izuku, also I am loving this fic! Keep it up!
3/1 c13 LezarioFanficio
I wanna see a harem for Izuku!
2/13 c17 Guest
Wher part 18
2/15 c17 PEJP BengtZone V2
Judging by the reaction of Gran Torino, it would seem that the Fusion quirk allows Izuku to bypass the Lifespan Reduction curse that One For All inflicts upon any Quirk-bearing user of it.

I bet that that, at least some portion of, the extra energy is transferred to the "Fusees", giving them the means to experience potential Quirk Evolution.
2/9 c17 R.I.pieces
ok first of all its really good but i do have some questions (a) what is a plot bunny and (b)when are we gonna see a izuku and all might fuse
2/9 c17 Pecan Crisp
The end here does make me wonder if Izuku will end up fusing with any villains, and what the outcome would be, especially since it seems it could be affecting both people's mentality afterwards.

Toga specifically would be interesting, both to see if her mental issues might be lessened by having some of Izuku's mind rub off on it, but also because in her disabled mind Fusion may arguably make two people even closer than Toga simply killing and becoming them. (and I'm always aboard a "saved Toga" fic)
2/4 c17 Guest
Well the story’s been pretty good but it’s kinda taken a fall in the past few about the sports festival first you say the sports festival has begun when it really starts the next chapter you have Izuku stand back and wait making him look like an idiot you have him just stand still in moments of crisis when his specific thing is moving before he can think about it but you have fucking meneta have to remind him to get a move on as well as having ochsko do absolutely nothing the entire time but hitching a ride I get that’s an easy way to cement her as a decently smart hero and keep the trio together but that seems like an awe full way to win and I think nobody in the world would feel like they truly accomplished that and Bakugo in first after all the hype izuku got really pisses me off just wanted to let you know
2/3 c1 Gamer71796
it's kinda funny but I feel like this models Kevin from the second Ben 10. At least the material absorbing effect anyways. Regardless, I've reread this a couple of times already in the last few months and I hope you update this again soon.
1/27 c14 syphonics
Todoroki: "Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak heroes stronger!"
1/26 c17 CrimsonSoul102205
I love this concept btw! I can see it now in the two heroes movie...

"Young Midoriya... lend me your power" All Might says as he held out a hand to Izuku.
1/25 c17 CrimsonSoul102205
man the plot is getting thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
1/25 c11 CrimsonSoul102205
KILLER QUEEN! BOOOOM! A friking jojo reference I love it!
1/25 c1 CrimsonSoul102205
this is interesting... r/damnthatsinteresting
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