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2/25/2021 c1 14Sairey13
...I bet, to this very day, the siblings still have nightmares of their baby brother jumping off the bridge... And, instead of surviving, had died in the process.

No doubt, Bruce will be having nightmares on what if his youngest child had died and were to see a dark-impact that would've befallen on his older-children... And, just to assure himself that Dick is alive, will pick up the habit like the rest of his children to know Dick is physically with them.

Wonder how the Young Justice and League were, while Bruce was 'gone'? I wouldn't be surprised, if Dick, also, helped them stay together and to continue to function... Maybe, even helped them strengthen their bond with one another.

Though, I do wonder... Does Dick still harbor his own pain and sadness, that hadn't been addressed? If so, then this will be a great time for Bruce to help him heal from keeping his emotions together and doesn't have to act strong or put up a front, anymore.

Anyway, this is so good and hope to see more!
11/24/2018 c1 Ailyn Vel
So cute!

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