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6/7/2021 c9 thor94
good chapter, so the war started
6/7/2021 c7 Vonta01
This is one of the better wood releases naruto stories I’ve read
6/7/2021 c9 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
6/6/2021 c9 1Raven097
nice chapter
6/6/2021 c1 Francisco Ramos
Yes yes yes yes yes.
5/25/2021 c8 Danny Williams
Great story definitely liked the plot.
Story needs to be brung up to date.
5/16/2021 c1 Guest
Dumb. Just unoriginal. Terrible story line with pathetic dialog.
4/18/2021 c8 raven97
nice chapter
12/22/2020 c7 draculyn28
good chapter
12/21/2020 c7 lngarra
good chapter
8/4/2020 c6 arinst2305
7/18/2020 c6 draculyn28
interesting, I hope to see what happens later on this and your other stories, greetings.
5/25/2020 c6 Otsutsuki Naruto
That was a really nice twist seeing someone stop Orichimaru before he could control them. A bit sad about Tobirama, I mean, he created his Jutsu and now was controlled by it. I had expected more from him, especially a Kage ninja.

I look forward to the next update and some quality time between naruto and his mother.
5/26/2020 c6 girrr
It’s kind of hard to read but good job nonetheless
5/25/2020 c6 SPark681
Hmm, so Kushina was used in the jutsu huh wonder what's next anyways keep up the great work!
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