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1/25/2019 c1 36Syaoran Li Clow
I really do enjoyed your story. The lovemaking, the feels, tghe sadness. Everything was perfect.
12/23/2018 c1 Aquinomas
A very nice story. I loved it. I like the romance between them. Thank you.

By the way, I think Sakura was very lucky to be in the hands of Yugiri.
12/19/2018 c1 Guest
Well...that was intense. Heh. I would have never considered this ship, but well, what do you know. I love it. I especially love your writing as well. Hope to see more from this series soon! :)
12/15/2018 c1 Sara
Yugiri is the best! The best! The more fanfiction and fanart of her the better honestly. Thank you for writing this erotic fic
12/15/2018 c1 Guest
Yay Yuugiri apreciattion! Also, never realised it but sakura and yuugiri are kinda cute together
12/15/2018 c1 33BrDPirateMan
Okay, I just finished this story and I have to say it's hands-down one of the best lesbian titles I've read.

I've been looking high and low for a good yuri story but many of the ones I came across had bad grammar, spelling and whatnot which tends to put me off reading altogether. And for some stories the English was grammatically sound but the wording and characterisation was off.

Your story on the other hand nails the characters' personalities. Sakura has that cute clumsy aura about her, while Yugiri is calmer and more refined. When the other girls and Kotaro came into the picture as supporting characters, I was pleased to see that you got Kotaro's shouty quirks and Saki's brusque manner of talking down pat. Ai's mildly annoyed tone as she chided Sakura to be quieter next time also gave me a good chuckle.

The love scene between Sakura and Yugiri developed a little rapidly - as in they went from cuddling to sex too fast, but that's just a minor quibble. The entirety of the act itself, however, was amazing. Everything's just right - the amount of detail, the emotions of both girls, the delivery of the climax. I also appreciate that the scene itself was not too long. I've seen fics with sex scenes that last forever, and after a while it gets tiresome (some of my earlier M-rated fics suffer from this problem too - shame on me!). And the ending was simply so beautiful.

Long story short, this is a great short story. This universe needs more yuri fics like this.
12/3/2018 c1 Guest
Unexpected ship but welcome all the same. very cute
11/28/2018 c1 3Mzuark
Good stuff, just what I hoping from the ZLS section.
11/25/2018 c1 kuroshi yin
This was actually really good! I loved the sweet scene at the end and how they all reacted to their... Late night activity. Also happy that this series got a fanfiction now, hope more come soon!

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