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5/12 c1 152KagamiPINKAgreste
The humor and cuteness altogether it's a wonderful one-shot.
1/5 c1 millendspark
Mmm because spooning your friend in his coffin is tooootttaaalyy platonic
6/18/2020 c1 Da force
Aw, this was adorable~ UwU
6/2/2020 c1 Cathryn
I support the ship
5/4/2020 c1 PantheraQueen
So cute!
4/6/2020 c1 3EmpressRulerofallthatiswierd
I loved it. They are so cute and innocent:) I love reading about sweet moments between friends. I get so tired of romance this and romance that. Story’s about friendship are seriously overlooked and underrated a lot.
9/15/2019 c1 23damiengrimm
Man could you imagine what his sister's reaction would be if she saw them like that. ~
12/23/2018 c1 Zumito
Awww! I can't sleep either, so I'm reading a lot of fanfics to get tired or something and I've just found and read this... seriously, it's the cutest thing I've ever read. I looooove it, and I think this is so beautiful and awesome that I wish I could dream about it. No kidding.
I'm in love with the part of Rudolph looking dead while 'sleeping', and the thing with temperatures is just lovely.

I really liked this and I'm pretty sure I will reread it sometimes (I always do ), so I want you know that.

I loved it. You're really talented and sorry about my ugly English; I hope this comment is at least understandable ;~;
12/10/2018 c1 Sugarplum Fairy
I am dying here from the cuteness overload. This short story was well-written and I could picture this. Thank you for this!
11/25/2018 c1 7the little vampire lover
Oh they love each other they just don’t know it yet but we’re always wanted it in that movie what was Tony thinking he gave someone else’s home to the vampire family if that was the real world The owners of that bed and breakfast probably would’ve slammed a door right in their faces or kick their asses.

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