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for A World in Reverse

5/27 c15 1BrokenLifeCycle
I wonder when shit finally hits the fan hard enough to warrant Squad Zero coming down. That'll be an interesting turn of events
5/13 c15 lara5170
I am excited and looking forward to reading more.
5/3 c15 1Levi1228
Oh sheeetttzzzz
4/24 c15 Fangtasia21
The Captain did not even see what was going on right under his nose from the C46's hand.
4/23 c15 JennadeDamaged
Dammit, this is so good!
4/23 c14 JennadeDamaged
4/23 c13 JennadeDamaged
4/23 c12 JennadeDamaged
Still loving this
4/23 c10 JennadeDamaged
I thought Chad was their third on patrol?
4/23 c9 JennadeDamaged
I'm really enjoying your story. I get so jealous of people good at writing like this
4/22 c15 27zeynel
This is great ! Nice to see you back !

Shunsui is having some pretty complicated feelings here -after all, Loyalty to the old man shouldn't overrides his sense of morality.
4/21 c15 777torn777
What could Ichigo say to Yamamoto?
4/21 c15 puma1sunfire
Have seen this story before but never read it past the first chapter till now. Very glad I did. Excellent story and chapter
4/21 c15 name the missing
Thx for the update cant wait till the next chapter
4/21 c15 carlcj23
Nice.,.,. Keep going.,...

Also f essays...,
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